Key Info

Ying Chuan Village
She County
P.R. China
Tel: +86-136-01855447
Wechat Service: wildhomestay
Wechat Offical Account (Promotions & News): wildhomestays
Instagram: @Wildhomestay #wildhomestay
Weibo: wildhomestay

Breakfast & Dinner must be booked 24h before your stay.

Please bring your passport and checkin before or on arrival.

If you come by Train or Bus check availability before you book a room!

Warnings: please please read. You’ve been warned.

Q&A: its long but answers 95% of your questions.

Travel: transport info. Train, Bus, Car, Taxi

Location: exactly where we are located with maps and how to get here by Train, Bus, Self Drive / Parking and Taxi.

Group Visits & Events: we are a great place to hold a “alternative” company or private event.

Weather: not always accurate but gives a ok indication.

Reviews: See and please review on Tripadvisor

Cancelation Policy: Please see our policy

Maps: our routes, gps, digital maps

Cycling Routes: lots of info on cycling routes, strava segments, photos etc.

Hiking Routes: working on improving updating all our running and hiking routes.

Social: See facebook, instagram and sign up to “wildhomestay” on wechat

About Us

Ah… need to write this. Simply put we are a small group of Chinese and foreigners. Both from out of town and now a larger team from the local village who want to develop a nice escape in the countryside for our families, friends, and guests. Small scale, mid end, non-touristy, relaxed, activities, fun and adventure. Thanks to the team for making this happen, Ms Zhu, Ms Chang, Justin, Mr Zhen, Jenya, Mrs Hong and all the others……

Our Goals

Travel in natural or cultural sensitive places = small scale, interesting, local

Promotes diversity = through education, experience, employment

Minimized impact = no new build, water filtration, promote organic, alternative energy, minimizes wastage

Builds environmental awareness = learning center, guide training center, visitor educational experiences integrated with activity and adventure

Respects local culture = try and keep alive through its crafts, activities, food, performance.

Provides direct financial benefits for conservation = nature tour & participation fees, environmental tax

Fairness and equality = legal and fair empowerment

Provides financial benefits and empowerment for local people and us. = increase in income from homestay rentals, part owner, sell local products to visitors, income from service and activities.

A clean and comfortable stay for our visitors.

Great outdoor and cultural activities.

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