2022 ND – Northern Delights

A weekend of Clean Rides in around wildhomestay, Anhui, China
Date: September 24th 2022, 7am. 
Type: Clean – A Road Bike. A short bad section or two so bring puncture-proof tires and fresh brake pads.
Info: supported 185km Challenge with 2000m of climbing. 3rd year of the Challenge.
Support: Semi Supported: a van will follow riders providing cold drinks, snacks and access to the riders small bag. Otherwise its self-supported. If you’re unable to get around the course then we can arrange van pickup at extra cost.

2000 of Elevation Gain
1 big and many short hills
2.5 out of 5 in steepness scale.
4 out of 5 in toughness scale. Long and hot.
28-32c tubes recommended. Lots of gears makes for a runner day..
A road bike, suggest disks, fresh tires and brakes.
3 drinkstops.


Many thanks to our great partners for supporting this event and the prizes!

A long day! Get those legs ready for an endurance challenge. We will post files and segments a week or so before the event a wechat group setup for this challenge.

The “Northern forest” ride! Everyone loves this route and a bit of everything. One serious hill with great views on either side. Lots of little ups and downs. Some flat long sections. What cycling in the area is all about!!!

Please understand these rides are not professional races but small scale amateur cycling challenges. To maximize social fun and minimize stupid behaviour points are given for various challenging segments. The rest of the day is meant to be spent riding and chatting in groups. Cool refreshments provided on-route along with a few fun awards. Please be realistic, these are not aimed at the beginner and are demanding, in amazing but challenging landscapes.

If we have serious weather or health warnings it will be delayed.

Please read the below waiver and make sure anyone else you also are signing up for also reads it. You will be asked to sign a copy before the event.

GPS & Route

These are not final but are close. From last year for your reference….

2021NorthD GPX File

20021NorthD TCX File with Cues

We will post final route files and segments a week or so before the event in a wechat group setup for this challenge.


Strava Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/2738602138917754322

S1 Second Hill After Sanyang Village 1.5km 5% 71m

S2 New Black 3.9km 1% 41m

S3 伏岭镇爬坡 Reservoir Climb 2.81km 4% 113m

S4 A bit shorter but also a bit longer 17.5km 5% 855m

S5 Broken Bridge so new segment 10.60km 2%


Various awards will be provided from our very kind partners. You will need to record your run on a GPS device or phone and upload it to Strava!

Top 3 Male & Female for each Challenge
5 Segments
3 Masters
Fastest Fix Gear
Some fun segments
Fastest Young Person


2.30h by train. Direct and non-direct train options and the station is 10 minutes from Wildhomestay. 4h Drive.
8pm Briefing for new riders. We will try and stream as well.

6 am Breakfast
7 am Challenge start
5:30pm Challenge Ends
BBQ & Beers at 7pm
Awards at 8pm (dress warm)

8am Breakfast
9am Morning activities, cycling, running, Adventure cycling on Specialized Diverge adventure bikes.
1230 Lunch
2pm Leave/bus departure.


Please choose a standard room or shared dorm room. Then choose your challenge entry, bus, food and bike. Items will be added to your chart and then checkout with your preferred payment type. Confirmation will be emailed and please make sure you leave your wechat id when you checkout. We will add you to a wechat group and the final itinerary, GPX / waiver and info will be provided through that group and during a briefing.

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Pictures from previous Northern Delights Challenges 🙂