Yepao 75 & 100

75km+, 4600m Asscent, 1400m max altitude. These two runs arise out of various hike and bikes we have done over various seasons and are truly epic. First attempts on these runs will be made in spring 2020 and due to icing and altitude should not be done during winter months. 


A little loop around Santang to start, then down to Sanyang town along the river. A slow steady up winding through remote villages and then a switch back up the first mountain to the “Fire Lane” . Down down through pine and bamboo forests to Yingken town then up over a little pass meeting Cork’s Highway. A little up and then a long descent to the main road passing the halfway point. A generally flat section along a river to Shuizhuken and then up to Yenke and third main climb to Hutian Mountain. Then down the gorge and back up and over down to Wildhomestay. About 75km and 4500m of acceding. Many water points and food options on the way. Mix of road and trails.

Yepao 100

Somewhat crazy. Adds Fuling mountain (the peak in the picture at the top of the page – top right mountain) in the south east of the route adding a 1000m + and 25km. We are exploring that whole area in spring of 2020 with a hope of doing this run in november 2020.