Villager’s Set Dinner

Order Villagers Set Menu’s & Additional Special Dishes if you want them. Descriptions at the bottom.

特色菜 Speical Dishes

请看图片 See notes and photos below.

特制酱卤土鸭 A entire free range duck cooked in our special brown sauce.

土猪肋排,糯米在新鲜竹筒里蒸制而成。Local organic pork steamed on a bed of rice inside bamboo!

腐竹,自制肉丸,蔬菜 A clay pot full of Fuzhou Dried Tofu, homemade fried pork balls and local veg in a light sauce.

草鱼片,微辣,下饭菜 Pieces of local fish cooked in a broth of local tangy sauce. Great with steamed rice.

茄子夹肉 Pork with a crispy outer cooked with eggplant in a brown sauce.

南瓜炒饭 Slightly fried vegetable rice, stuffed and then steamed in a pumpkin.

炭火慢炖8个小时的土鸡汤 A free range chicken. Slowly slowly cooked in a clay pot. A great soup with herbs.

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We alternate what we offer so if you’re staying with us a few days you have some variety. Also, we update the menu seasonally based on what’s in the local market. You will be provided:

  • 4  Cold Dishes  
  • 4 Mixed Main Dishes
  • 2 Seasonal Vegetable
  • 1 Soup
  • Steamed Rice
  • 1 Tasting Dessert 
  • Please book 24 hours beforehand 
  • Children 12+ full price, 6+ half price, 6- free 

For groups of 6+ people, we find they like this amount of dishes. Some individual guests or smaller groups prefer to have more quantity of a given dish and less types. Talk with our Chef and we can see what can be done. Also please let us know if you require a vegetarian option (no meat/nothing cooked in animal fat / extra plant-based protein).

Special Dishes

We highly recommend you try some of our special dishes. Our sets are enough to fill you up however if you’ve had a very long day on the bike / super hungry order 1 or 2 special dishes in addition to the sets. Otherwise, order the special dishes and a set or two less than your total group number.