Dirty Clean 2020

Hopefully a series of multiple 1 day cycling challenges for 2020.

Clean 2020 Challenges

120 – 200km. Concrete & Tarmac. Road Bike – 25c + Beautiful challenges!!!

Dirty 2020 Challenges

80 – 165km. All Surfaces. Gravel, MTB or CX tire bike. The rough challenge!

Some new sections for 2020! The rides will have the same character and format as the 2019 courses but with some twists and little extras to make them fun and a challenge for riders who have done them previously.

Described as the regions toughest 1 day challenge!

Great time of year for the races! Days should be warm and hopefully roads and trails dry. Dirty Clean is characterized by some steep sharp on and off-road sections.

Easy Bullet Train & Bus Ride!

Bullet trains 1h to Hangzhou and 2h20m to Shanghai. 4h bus to Shanghai / 2h from Hangzhou.

The events are held around wildhomestay in Sanyang, Anhui near the Zhejiang boarder. The bullet train station is 7km away, a motorway exit is 5km away connecting Shanghai, Hangzhou and Huangshan areas and Huangshan Airport (1h), Hangzhou Airport (2h) or Hongchao offers easy air connections.

Tough, Well Fueled & Supported!

These events are tough! A mid to advanced level of fitness and experience is required to finish them. More than 50% of 2019 participants DNF’d due to being too tired, mechanicals, getting lost or taking short cuts. Not finishing the entire route is fine and we have special prizes even for people that DNF! Detailed GPS tracks are given, the course this year will be marked, 2 drink and food stands provided, an ambulance and medical staff on hand, a bunch of support people to help out and some finishers prizes for all.

Big breakfast prerace! Homemade energy bars, sandwiches, coffee and cold drinks along the way, post-race nibbles. BBQ, draft beer, awards and prize giving in the evening.

Not just for cycling!

Visiting us is a real eye-opener for first-time visitors to China and a real and immersive “China Experience”. Get the “Urban” experience in Shanghai and/or Hangzhou and then come to us for an easily accessible and authentic “Rural & Outdoor” China experience.

We will also be arranging some children and family activities for those non-riders/ families that join us.

Cooking classes, local craft activities, hikes and visiting local historic sites.

Villages, Mountains, Rivers , Terraces, Forests, Nature Reserves! Lots to do over the weekend.

We will restrict sign up to less than 100 people per event. Please book event entry and/or room-food-bus packages. Assume between 298 RMB (50 USD) for event entry and 900 rmb (150 USD) for the weekend package. Therefore somewhere between 1100 and 1500 RMB a person for a great weekend. First come first serve basis. Our rooms will get booked quickly and we can help to arrange alternative accommodation.

2019 Race Recap

Cycling through some unique and very beautiful eastern Chinese landscape! A few very challenging climbs and descents! Both the Clean and the Dirty share some of the same fun local hills. 2019 was our first year. Generally, things worked well and some lessons learned. See our short race recap and a video by one of the participants.

All Surface Riding

Adventure & All Surface Riding at its best! The dirty is not just road or gravel its a mixture of lots of different surfaces. Find out more info here.