Digital Maps GPS & GPX

Hiking & Running Routes

Cycling Routes

There are three ways to use the digital maps and routes. Either through our A. our web app or by downloading the GPX route files and opening them on your B. GPS device or by your C. phone in a GPS map app.

A. Wild Web App

This should work fine on mobile phones. Please open the route web pages outside of wechat. Bring a extra battery bank for longer trip

To use our digital map.

  1. Open the route page. cycling | hiking
  2. Navigate to the trip / route page you want to go on. Give it a little time to load the map. The below map should show up.
  3. Click the full screen button on the top left top.
  4. Click the location button on the top right. A warning asking to use your phones GPS will pop up. Accept. 
  5. It will show a blue dot which marks your location. See your location in relation to the route.

GPS Devices

You can download the GPX file to your Garmin, Wahoo or GPS device like a use offline. Look for the GPX download link on the route pages or click the blue route, a popup will open and you will see a download link for the gpx file.

GPS Phone Apps

For Hiking we suggest OSMand (free) and for Cycling Strava

Strava: The Strava is widely used by cyclists and runners. We use it a social tool as well as for some fun competion in the form of Segments KOM & QOMs. Its easy to use and follow routes on. A great app.

XingZhe: The Chinese Strava and they even have their own cheap GPS devices. Something we need to learn more about. More Info

RidewithGPS: great for making routes online and good phone apps. For the serious rider otherwise use Strava.

Wikiloc: great program but tied to Google which does not help in China.

ViewRanger: a Swiss army knife of hiking gps apps

WorkOutDoors: great Apple Watch integration.

OSMand: open source maps (what we use) and open source app.

How to use OSMand

1. Install App & Map

While on wifi download the app from the above link, install and use. The free version allows you to download 3 offline maps. We suggest you download Anhui and use the offline map while outside. To do so:

  • Click the 3 line button (menu) in bottom left corner.
  • Maps & Resources.
  • Worldwide > Asia > China Anhui Province.

2. Change Base Map

While using we suggest you use the OSM Map which shows the location of our homes etc and the Bing Earth (Microsoft Satellite Images). To switch to these maps:

  • Click the globe in the top left corner.
  • Map Type
  • Either OsmAnd (offline) or Bing Earth (Microsoft)
  • You will see the base map change.

3. Use

  • Go to any of the route pages on this site on your phone. Click the “Download GPX” file on your phone. The GPX will download and ask you what app to open in, select OsmAnd. Alternativley open gpx file by “Share” or  “Copy To” and select OsmAnd
  • Open OsmAnd, if not already opened. Click the 3 line button (menu) in bottom left corner.
  • My Places
  • Trips > All Trips
  • The GPX file should show up in All Trips. Click it and select “show on map”. The route will now show up on the base map.
  • Go back to the main map screen. Press the round cross hairs button on bottom right of screen (next to the zoom buttons). This will activate your phones GPS and a dot will show you your location.


  • If you click the globe in the top left, POI Overlays and select everything you will see our cafe / houses pop up on the map. 
  • If you want you can record your trip, waypoints etc.