野餐篮 Picnics Rucksacks


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Get a picnic rucksack, pick up a cold white wine from the shop, dip in the ponds and relax in nature.


  • Home made bread 自制面包
  • Chicken legs/Wings 鸡翅/鸡腿
  • Hard boiled eggs 白煮蛋
  • Tomato & cucumber 西红柿&黄瓜
  • Fruit 水果
  • Water 饮用水
  • Coffee &Tea 咖啡 & 茶


  • Picnic Rucksack / Cutlery / Plates 野餐背包,餐具
  • Ice coolers to keep food fresh 冰袋
  • Picnic Matts 野餐毯
  • Gas Water Heater & Coffee & Expresso Machine 野餐气炉&便携咖啡机


  • Minimum 4 people 4人起订
  • Please book 24hours beforehand 请提前24小时预定
  • Pick up from Bar before you leave in morning.
  • 请在出发前至酒吧领取
  • Rubbish bags also provided. Please make sure you use them and 100% of your rubbish is brought back!!!请使用我们提供的垃圾袋并确保将垃圾带回。Please return all items provided or we will have to charge you for them. 请归还我们提供的物品,否则将收取一定的费用。
  • Sorry, no children rate available as a set item.