Something Sharp 2021-11-13


Intro 2021 Clean Challenge #3 – The Finial

Note: Our rooms are sold out but we can help orgainze other local nongjiale for this event. There are some nice ones and also very cheap ones. Please contact our wechat service account or for details.

Something Sharps, EdC’s dry comic sense of humor is shown in the route planning with a manageable 160km 3000m day out! This will test your legs to the max! The challenge is divided into 5 sections with a nice winding and rolling longer section in the middle to relax those legs. Otherwise you will be attacking smaller hill climbs from different directions :). 6 or so sharp climbs with a warm up and warm down climb to help. 28mm to 32mm light puncture protected tires suggested. Fresh brake pads a must.  Various bail out points!

  • 13th November 2021, 0800am Wildhomestay Cafe.
  • Road Tarmac & Concrete. A short bad section or two so bring puncture-proof tires and fresh brake pads.
  • Ride between 160km with about 3000m of climbing. Various sections, options and surface quality of the route are being checked now.
  • Timed segments with various categories and awards.
  • Semi Supported: a van will follow riders providing cold drinks, snacks and access to the riders small bag.
    Otherwise its self-supported. If you’re unable to get around the course then we can arrange van pickup at extra cost.

Please understand these rides are not professional races but small scale amateur cycling challenges. To maximize social fun and minimize stupid behaviour points are given for various challenging segments. The rest of the day is meant to be spent riding and chatting in groups. Cool refreshments provided on-route along with a few fun awards. Please be realistic, these are not aimed at the beginner and are demanding, in amazing but challenging landscapes.

If we have serious weather or health warnings it will be delayed. Sunday will be a social ride.

Please read the below waiver and make sure anyone else you also are signing up for also reads it. You will be asked to sign a copy before the event.

GPS & Route

Routes might slightly change based on last minute route checks but the below is what we hope to be doing.


Route Files with segments:

Fit, gpx and tcx files will be provides through the wechat group and during the briefing. Please check you have the most up to date files as routes change.

List of Segments: Please star them on Strava and sync to your device.

S1 Nicoles Hike > Dead end climb | 3.13km 254m 6.5%

S2 Sharp Mulberry > Climb | 2.5km 186 7.4%

S3 Double Trouble > false flat in middle | 5.98% 416m 7%

S4 Shameless padding > 16.85km Flat (ish)

S5 Forbidden by the coach > 2.6km 298m 11.5%

S6 Red Rocks > 1.61km 393m 9.7%

Emergency & Hospital

Please contact our emergency number written your bike number!

Please see local hospitals.


Many thanks to our partners who provide support and awards for the challenges.

Thanks to our sponsors: Specialized | Chemical Guys | the clinicNamedsport | Suunto | Therabody | Restrap

Waiver Agreement 

Statement of 2020 DirtyClean Cycling event @sanyang

1. I myself voluntarily enter 2019 Dirty cycling event and all related activities (hereinafter referred to as “the Event”). I hereby confirm that I have the capacity for civil conduct and liability to participate in the Cycling Event, and have obtained consent from my guardian(s);

2. I hereby confirm that I have fully understood and agreed to abide by all regulations, rules, prescripts, requirements stipulated and measures assumed by the Organizing Committee 2019 Dirty Cycling Event(s) (here in after referred to as “the Organizers”);

3. I hereby pledge that I have had a physical check-up conducted by a qualified medical institution and then self-evaluated based on its physical check-up report. I confirm that I am physically and mentally fit for the Cycling Event, and I am prepared for participation in the Cycling Event. I pledge that I will assume all possible risks arising from or in connection with participation in the Cycling Event (including but not limited to possible risk of casualty resulted from the Cycling Event);

4. I confirm that I will be solely liable for, and hereby exempt the Organizers from, any and all personal injury, partial or permanent disability, death, medical treatments or hospitalization expenses, property damage, theft or property loss of any form resulted from my participation in the Cycling Event or occurring in the entire duration of my participation in the Cycling Event. The Organizers shall assume no liability of compensation in any form;

5. I hereby grant permission to the Organizers and their designated media to utilize my appearance, name, voice and other personal information without charge for the publicity and promotion;

6. I will provide the Organizers with my ID card/passport and certificate to verify my personal identity and eligibility to participate. I guarantee the ID card/passport and certificate submitted is true and valid. I will be solely liable for any untrue information submitted. In such circumstances the Organizers may refuse to grant eligibility of participation, and the paid entry fee is not refunded;

7. I pledge to enter and compete in my own name. I will not transfer my eligibility of participation and the bib obtained after entry to any other person in any form. I shall be liable for any and all consequences resulted from such transfer;

8. I agree to not deliberately damage, change or mask my bib number before and during the Cycling Event. I will abide by the dressing code. The Organizers reserve the rights to cancel my eligibility of participation if I fail to do so;

9. I agree to obey requirements from Cycling Event staffs during the Cycling Event;

10. I will quit willingly the competition if I do not finish the Cycling Event before cut-off time, become physical discomfort or face any unexpected incident occurring on the track. I am solely liable for any and all consequences if I insist not to quit in such circumstances;

11. I agree to accept the on-site first aid provided by the Organizers during the Cycling Event, and I shall bear the expenses by myself for any medical treatment that occurs in hospital and so on;

12. I accept the personal accident insurance provided by the Organizers, and I confirm that I have understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

13. The above information has been read attentively and understood fully by myself, my guardian(s), the custodian or the legal representative of the juvenile, and I/the legal representative confirm all the information and take relevant legal liability.
(This statement shall be signed by the legal representative for anyone under 18 years old.)

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