Yao Pao 20200320 Wild Run Weekend


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Packages are great value and all-inclusive inc bus, accommodation, food and runs.

When: Friday 6:30pm 20th March 2020 to Sunday 22nd March 7pm.

Where: Pickup / drop off point in Xujiahui, Shanghai.

Costs: Runs from 98 RMB or Packages starting from 798 RMB per person all-inclusive for the weekend.

Notes: Price does not include insurance, bike on the bus, drinks, bike rental. Includes a special 30% discount on rack room rate for runners.

1 Person, we assign a shared room | 918 RMB Booking Price | 918 RMB Per Person Price

2 People Shared Twin | 1,756 RMB Booking Price | 878 RMB Per Person Price

2 People Shared Queen | 1,876 RMB Booking Price | 938 RMB Per Person Price

4 People Shared Family Room | 3,192 RMB Booking Price | 798 RMB Per Person Price


Saturday 10am: Yepao West 20. Our West run over some hills and back again. We’ve spent effort cutting this back. Two drink / feedstands.

Sunday 10am: Yepao 10. Our East run over a hills and some terraces. 1 drink / feedstand.


We take pride in making our own stuff and keeping it local as possible. Meals for the weekend as follows. We assume runners will take a light breakfast a few hours before the runs start:


  • Omelet/eggs                                       
  • Buckwheat crepes
  • Local pancake or baozi 
  • Homemade toast and breads with butter, jam, & peanut butter
  • Congee with assorted pickled vegetables 
  • Fresh cut seasonal fruit and bananas
  • Coffee and tea


  • Saturday: Choose one item from our Ala Carte Menu: Homemade noodles, dumplings, and more……
  • Sunday: Simmering Stew cooked on an open fire 


Starters: Sitting around the fire pit, grilled by yourself

    • Assorted Vegetables
    • Dried tofu 
    • Dried fish on skewers
    • Chinese bubbling yellow wine

Main: Hot pot

    • Meat Balls/ assorted  pork 
    • Assorted Mushrooms 
    • Green Vegetables 
    • Homemade Tofu
    • Fuzhu Bean Curd
    • Fresh handmade Noodles

Desserts:  Smores, grilled fruit with chocolate, hot tea at the fireplace


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