Cycling Hills Weekend


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Cycling Foundations Weekend

Learn the fundamentals of road cycling in hills and mountains.

When: Friday 7pm to Sunday 7pm – 7th to the 9th September 2018

Where: Pickup / drop off point in Xujiahui, Shanghai.

Costs: Starting from 980 RMB per person all inclusive.

Whom its for: fit but novice riders. Assumed that you’ve done some riding in the flats of Shanghai or spin and commute a few times a week. Happy to ride for 1 hour.

Goals: get some confidence climbing and descending short sharp and long and gentle hill and mountain roads.

Notes: Bring your bike on the bus (included) or rent a bike (not included – email us details of your size and experience). Helmet, water bottle, cycling shorts, gloves. Email us with any questions.

Warnings: Cycling has associated risks like nearly all sports. Please be clear what they are! You are responsible for yourself, your gear, wear and how you go.

Detailed Itinerary:


  • 1830-1900 Get on bus – Xujiahui
  • 2300 Bus transfer
  • 2330 In room

Saturday – Daming Day. 

A long but steady climb. 50km Total. 25km up and down. Extensions for those that want longer. A serious sense of achievement! Its not a push over for a novice hill rider but technically not too challenging. Mini vans with refreshments along the way. Experienced rider to guide you up/down and help with your technique. Same on the way down.

  • 0730 Breakfast
  • 0830 Introduction + base climbing skills
  • 0930 Bikes on mini van
  • 1000 Daming Mountain base + basic climbing / descending
  • 1030 Start basic climb line and principles
  • 1230 Arrival on top. Refreshments and rest
  • 1300 Descending basics, descent. 
  • 1400 Noodles
  • 1500 Return and free time / Pools and / or hike
  • 1900 Dinner and film / rest.

Sunday – Santang Day

A steep but short climb. 10 to 20km total. Technically more of a challenge than the first day but physically a lot easier. Gain confidence and control on steep sections. Learn to spin with control up the short sections. Great views and refreshments on top.

  • 0730 Breakfast
  • 0900 Introduction
  • 1000 Steep hills
  • 1100 Step climbing Santang
  • 1200 Steep descending
  • 1300 Lunch @Wildhomestay + bike clean.
  • 1400 Free Time
  • 1500 Bus back
  • 1900 Arrive SH

The exact location might change on group skill level, weather and road conditions.

Mini Vans will be provided mid and end climb with refreshments, spares and to carry you if needed!

See more on road cycling in the area!



1p Twin Shared, 1p Queen Non Share, 2p Queen Shared, 4p Family Room