F45 Wild Weekend 7th to 9th August



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F45’s Wild Weekend – A weekend of adventure, activity and fun to remember.

Please see f45 wechat post for more info however bookings are taken below.

All prices include Bus, there and back, food and a bed plus all the great F45 activities.

1 Person, we assign a shared room | 848 RMB Booking Price | 848 RMB Per Person Price

2 People Shared Twin | 1,736 RMB Booking Price | 868 RMB Per Person Price

2 People Shared Queen | 2,016 RMB Booking Price | 1,008 RMB Per Person Price

4 People Shared Family Room | 3,272 RMB Booking Price | 818 RMB Per Person Price

All  including bus, accommodation, food and activities.

When: Friday 6:30pm to Sunday 7pm – 7th to9th August 2020

Where: Pickup / drop off point in Jing’an, Shanghai.

Costs: Starting from 848 RMB per person all inclusive for the weekend.

Notes: Price does not include insurance, bike on bus, bike rental, food / drink on bus.

About F45

Born in Australia, F45 Training combines elements of Circuit, Functional and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), a combination proven to be the most effective for burning fat and building lean muscle. Suitable for all ages and body types, with a team training environment and constant motivation, our members not only grow, but also have fun! F45诞生于澳大利亚,其训练方式主要结合了高强度间隔性训练 (HIIT),循环训练和功能性训练。这三个概念的融合发展,构成了现在成熟的体系。锻炼时间为固定的45分钟,多达27种训练动作,还有更多特别之处伴随全程。这种间歇性训练,有氧训练和力量训练的完美组合已经被证实是燃烧脂肪,构建肌肉的最有效的锻炼方法。有了独特的团队培训环境和教练不断的支持与激励,在F45 你收获的不仅仅是好身材,还有大大的快乐! More info please check out the F45 website



1 Person, 2 People Shared Twin, 2 People Shared Queen, 4 People Shared Family Room