2023.10.28 Dirty Chill

Fun – Social – Learning – Adventure Ride

Held on the same day as the Epic Dirty Challenges the Dirty Chill give riders a taste of the more adventurous side of cycling and what a DirtyClean Challenge is. We want you to have fun, make new friends and to experience the essence of what adventuring with a bike to new places is all about.

The Dirty Chill rides are guided, supported and are 50km long.

You will go through little villages, push your bike a little over mountain hills, stop for a picnic and coffee in a traditional village building, try some stepper hill sections and can easily cut it short if the 50km 3h rides is too long for you!

You need flat shoes or mountain bike shoes, cycling pants and a jersey or t-shirt. Helmets are required (we have some you can borrow but best to bring your own).

From a bike perspective a gravel bike is best but mountain bikes or any bike with fat tires and lots of gears work well. We have bikes to rent if you dont have a suitable bike.  

We also have some ebikes to rent which are great for this type of adventure!


2.30h by train. Direct and non-direct train options and the station is 10 minutes from Wildhomestay. 4h Drive from Shanghai or 2h from Hangzhou. We also might provide a bus at 5pm leaving from Shanghai stadium.
8pm Briefing for new riders.

6 am Breakfast
7 am Challenge start
5:30pm Challenge Ends
BBQ at 7pm
Awards at 8pm

8am Breakfast
9am Morning activities, cycling, running, hiking, relaxing.
1230 Lunch
2pm departure.

2023 Dirty Chill

We are making tweaks to the actual chill course closer to the time. It will be similar to this and about 50km long with lots of turn around points.

Dirty ChillBasic Info

  • Distance: about 50km
  • Elevation: less than 1000m Elevation Gain
  • Segments: 2 segments on climbs and flatter sections.
  • Sufaces: Mix of everything with focus being bad concrete country lanes.
  • Climbs: two small climbs
  • Steepness: 3 out of 5 in steepness scale but not for long. Spin!
  • Toughness: 2 out of 5 in toughness scale. Suitable for had 50km cycling experience.
  • Bike Type: Any bike with 32mm tires. Suggest 38mm plus gravel tires.
  • Gear Type: Suggest gravel 38 to 50mm. Lots of gears makes for a funner day. Also suggest disk brakes, fresh tires and fresh brake pads.
  • Support: 1 guide, 1 picnic stop.

Course Notes:

We will double-check the exact course conditions a week or so before the event. A WeChat group will be set up for this challenge and we issue GPX / Maps / Route / Strava segments to that and during race briefings.

Categories & Awards

  • Some fun awards
  • A segment award

Prizes are kindly provided by


Please understand these rides are not professional races but small scale amateur cycling challenges. To maximize social fun and safety points are given for various challenging segments. The rest of the day is meant to be spent riding and chatting in groups. Cool refreshments provided on-route along with a few fun awards. Please be realistic, these are not aimed at the beginner and are demanding, in amazing but challenging landscapes.


Please go to our WeChat channel booking system or Mini Site booking system to book using alipay. First please choose a room. If rooms are full we can help organize other places in the area! Various local new places have come online so contact our service account. Then choose your challenge entry, bus, and bike (if you need one). Confirmation will be wechated or emailed and please make sure you leave your wechat id. We will add you to a wechat group and the final itinerary, GPX / waiver and info will be provided through that group and during a briefing.

  • Entry is 298 RMB
  • Shared rooms start from 296RMB for 2 nights including breakfast.
  • Saturday post race food is included in sign up and the evening bbq is 150RMB per head including free flow beer and soft drinks.
  • If we can get more than 10 people and bikes then a bus will run Friday after work from Shanghai and return Sunday PM.

Update: our rooms are running low for this weekend! Check with our online booking system to see if any are available. If not our service account can help book a room for you in one of our nice partner houses!

WeChat Clean Booking

Alipay Clean Booking

Checkout our main DC page and recaps of many challenges: www.dirtyclean.cn

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New to DirtyClean Challenges or cannot make the briefing? Please read the Bible.