Now in its 6th year, DirtyClean Challenges are authentic, stunning and tough gran fondo type races held on the borders of Anhui & Zhejiang. We have 3 road races from 120km to 190km, a 160km multi surface race, and a 600km multi day endurance challenge. Participants compete on time segments, on open roads,  and races are supported en route with drinks, food, and tools. We have a loyal following of riders who join each year, not just to complete but to be social, make new friends and have a great weekend centered around cycling. 

Many thanks to our partners and supporters:
Specialized | SpineC | AEC | DH SPORTS | Thule | iGPSPORT | Chemical Guys | fever cycling | Namedsport | XCADEY | Shokz | Anken | Wildhomestay

Many thanks to our partners who very kindly support the Challenges and provide awards.


Clean Challenges are Gran Fondo type challenges done on open roads on road bikes. Stunningly Tough! Clean challenges are well supported and are segment based.


Tough, hard, long and very dirty! A gravel, mountain or CX bike is your best bet but road bikes with 32cm tires are just workable. Mostly ridden with just about any surface we can find in the area it tests your fitness and resolve! Lots off gears, fresh brakes, and a flashlight are probably good ideas!

2024D1 | 19th October 2024
160KM | 2000M Elvation | Any Surface


A 3 day / 2 night endurance ride! Stunningly Epic. Sleeping points will be provided en route. 600km over 3 days is not too hard but it won’t be easy with 14 peaks thrown in!

Friday 18th October, 2024
600KM | Less than 15,000m with 14 Peaks | 98% Road


The DC events start and finish in a remote village that has easy motorway and high-speed train access. Stay at Wildhomestay or we can help organize rooms in other local hotels or turn up for the event on the day. A BBQ and fun awards ceremony is organized on the night of the event with a free flow of beer, lots of prizes and bonfire banter. Authentic local fondo’s not to be missed! 

In Village Accommodation

Book a room in a Wildhomestay house

or one of our Yingchuan village partner houses a few hundred meters from the start and finish of the races.

Close by Accommodation

We have arranged a few local hotels 5 to 7km from the race start with prices between 300 RMB and 600 RMB a night per room. Our bookings include free van shuttle to the BBQ / Awards and back after.

See race detail pages for links and more info.

Categories and Supporters

Each race has various timed segments on which participants gain points on. These are added up for overall winner categories in top 3 Female / Male, 35 to 50 Masters, 50+ Grandmasters as well as a Team category. Many thanks to our supporters who very generously provide prizes.

Each races has a sponsored photographer and a wildhomestay photographer so memories are captured and shared.

Many thanks to our partners and supporters:
Specialized | SpineC | AEC | DH SPORTS | Thule | iGPSPORT | Chemical Guys | fever cycling | Namedsport | XCADEY | Shokz | Anken | Wildhomestay

More Info

Please read our bible if your new to the DC Races & Challenges

Gear Guide Comming Soon

For Dirty Riders learn more about all surface rides.

Homemade energy bars, sandwiches, coffee and cold drinks are provided along the way and along with post-race carbs. 

We will also be arranging some children and family activities for those non-riders/ families that join us.

As always check out social media for participants viewpoints, recaps and reviews! #wildhomestay – Red, Instagram, Wechat etc…..

Race Recap

A few of our recaps from past Challenges to give you a sense about what its all about….


Many thanks to our partners and supporters:
Specialized | SpineC | AEC | DH SPORTS | Thule | iGPSPORT | Chemical Guys | fever cycling | Namedsport | XCADEY | Shokz | Anken | Wildhomestay

Highlighted Supporters – extra thanks.

Comfort Reliability Performance: We use Prime Kit, Mirror 3D saddle and Mondo tires because they add the required element of compliance and ruggedness without compromising performance and comfort. We highly recommend you try these products! Specialized is our Level 1 sponsor of DirtyClean, offering some great prizes!

DirtyClean Photography Partner: Thule is our excellent frame partner! We highly recommend their trunk bike rack and roof bike rack. This type of frame keeps the bike away from low-hanging power lines and trees and offers the most aerodynamic package! Thule will provide professional photography in the DirtyClean competition.

DirtyClean Customized Jersey Partner: AEC supports the production of premium bespoke cycling wear through rigorous processes, high-performance materials and quality. AEC has generously supplied the DirtyClean Champions and King & Queen cycling uniforms. In addition, we are offering two limited edition challenge jerseys for participants to purchase.

DirtyClean Sports Rehabilitation Partner: SpinC is the leading sports rehabilitation clinic in Shanghai, providing us with post-race rehabilitation for riders to enjoy a healthier and more enjoyable riding experience.