Multi Day Tours From The Homestay

The below suggested route itineraries assume you will have nights at different locations and will be self-guided / driving / transport or we organize a local driver for you. Normally these tours start and finish at the homestay.

Summer Car Loop: we would suggest you take a week or so and there is easily enough to see and experience over a 7 to 10-day tour. A similar trip could be done on the train with a local bus or a local van/taxi hire. Have a look at the introduction to the Huizhou Area. Hangzhou > Morganshan/Anji > Tangkou > Qiandao Hu > She County > Huangshan > Xidi > Wuyuan > Qiandao Hu > Hangzhou, fitting in the Homestay either end or both ends of the trip after/before Hangzhou. This trip has enough diversification for most interests and family members.

Spring / Autumn Brake Loop: simular to above but for 4 to 5 days. Homestay > She County > Xidi > Wuyuan > Qiandao Hu. Add another day to take in Huanshan mountain.

Motorbike Loop: ah the delight of those little windy meandering roads. See our motorbike page and tours should be based on season and size/type of bike. Large bikes follow the above Summer Car Loop but stay off the motorways (we would also suggest the same for cars in many sections). Smaller road bikes, adventure and dirt bikes combine that with some of our cycling routes. Great fun and experiences.

Cycling Loop: check out our Huizhou Merchants Trail over at . Even if you don’t cycle there are some nice routes here. This can be done in 5 to 6 days. Alternatively try some 3 night trip. Homestay > Destination > Homestay loops. The destinations include; Near Weiping on Qiandao lake staying in a nice Nonjiale swimming and boating. North Qinliangfeng / Huihang Trial for hiking spending a night by a gorge. A night in She County for history / city life. Tankou for a hotspring night. Cycle with your stuff or rent a local van to carry it along with picnic stuff from us (not expensive for a small group) or share driving your stuff with one of your parties members. Cycling really is a great way to explore and experience the area.

We are happy to help you book and organize these tours if your stay with us and will add an 18% service surcharge for all non-wildhomestay items to help cover our costs. Email us your date, party number / special requirements, interests, your rough nightly budget for accommodation and we can suggest the rest. We are 100% transparent with our fees and don’t take commissions from any third party. Alternatively, look at the maps and our guides and book stuff on trip or ctrip, it’s relatively painless these days. We are not a tour company but want our guests to maximize their visit to and around us!.

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