Hiking & Running Warnings!

Please read before you run or hike in the area.

  • Go in pairs or larger groups. At least if someone hurts themselves the other person can get help.
  • Let someone in the cafe know where you are hiking, your route, and what time you should be back. We will call in the emergency rescue services if you are not back by midnight and they will go out the following morning to find you.
  • Plan your route carefully. Give yourself enough time and add a few hours incase of issues! Have a very clear and agreed cut off point, turn around if you are not there on time. Think twice if rain is forecasted, it’s very slippery and you won’t be able to see too much.
  • Keep to the sort loops around the village unless you’re experienced at hiking. People do get lost and we do call in the police and emergency rescue services.
  • Top of the hills and remote areas do not have mobile reception.
  • Bring enough water!!! We also have some water filters you can borrow or best bring your own.
  • Take an extra battery pack for your phone.
  • Take a torch!
  • Download the route to your phone or gps device. Borrow one of our GPS watches.
  • Stay out of the Nature Reserve Core & Buffer Zone. They are for the wildlife & conservation not people!!! Respect that please.
  • Be careful of snakes. They cannot see or hear you. They pick up vibrations. Get a light bamboo branch or stick and beat the ground. They will not attack or chase you. They are very afraid of you.
  • Read our general warnings!!!
  • And don’t forget: Take out ALL your rubbish and waste!!!