Wild Cushions

We all end up with old cycling and running jerseys which we never use! They don’t biodegrade well so instead of going into a landfill we turn them into cushions for you and your pets.

Please deposit your old jerseys at the homestay or at one of the pop ups we organize. We need a minimum of 2 jerseys per small cushion or 4 for larger cushions.

Fill out the form. Either put the uncut jerseys into the bag or feel free to cut the jerseys as you like but no pieces smaller than 20cm * 20cm. Remember to leave an extra 2cm on each side for sewing. Please include left overs in bag if you do cut your own jersey (we cut up and make cushion fill from it).

We then sew and get them back to you so you can keep the memories you have had with them of your epic rides and races.