Cycling Routes

See our routes broken down for novice riders and by distance; short, intermediate & long. The routes are available in Chinese and English versions of Strava which you use as a mapping / gps device on your phone. We also offer GPX route files which can be downloaded to your device or other phone apps.

Novice Rider

Shorter rides on flatter surfaces. Check out our collection of rides for novice riders also on komoot or rideforgps.


Shorter routes near the homestay.


Medium distance routes, generally less than 100km.


Long routes heading in all directions.

Adventure & BikeHike

Our unique flavour of riding! Gravel or Mountain bikes suggested. Adventure rides can be ridden 100% of the time (depending on skill) and bikehikes normally always require some hiking. The amount of hiking that is required generally depends on your cycling skill level. These routes normally have dangerous drops, steep slopes and can take all day.

Inter City

Inter City & Train Routes: coming in from Qiandao Lake, Tunxi or She County.

Also, check out Huizhou Merchant Trail which links Wuyuan and some other great places in the area.

Need more info on how to use Komoot / strava or download routes or use GPS?