QianNiuGang Daming Classic

QianNiuGang – Daming Mountain

25km from Wildhomestay to the bottom of Daming. A nice ride there to the base with a drink and noodle stand. The climb is great and described as the Chinese Baby Mont Ventoux. . Two basic options:

  • Daming Classic (from north). Up – then down. As fast as you can. 25km up from the base, 25km down again. 1250m ascending. 100km total.

GPX File

Xingzhe: 2748850

Some photos of a great fun race – Serk Nearly World at Daming!

Riding Suggestions:

  • Nothing special.
  • 25 to 28 road tires suggested but ok with 23mm.
  • water as none on the hill.
  • careful on downhill bends – some (but not many) cars and rock fall.
  • possible landslides.
  • camera if nice day.
  • wind jacket or more if rain or outside of summer.


A short drone video (still learning that) with John.