General Rules

You must bring your passport or Chinese ID card and must have a valid visa to stay with us. We will need to photograph all passports on arrival. Please see the cancellation policy before you order. As the houses are located in a traditional village in a environmentally sensitive area, please respect the environment and local villagers. Please keep things clean, set a good example and be considerate – treat the space like your home. If you break anything in the house, we’d kindly ask you to reimburse at cost for the items broken.

Adventuring Around

While traveling, hiking, biking and exploring around the area we suggest you go in groups of a minimum of three people. If one person is injured, one person can stay with the injured person and another can go seek help. Call police emergency 120 for Chinese or call or wechat the homestay for English language support.

Please think through your activities and act on the side of caution. You’re a long way from emergency support and please think through if you have the necessary skills to safely partake in what you are doing. Don’t take unnecessary risk, drink alcohol, take drugs and be responsible.  Please make sure you have the necessary insurance. We can recommend basic local travel insurance provided through ctrip if you need.

No entry to the Nature Reserve core or buffer zones. Respect the wildlife and this regulation. Its there for a reason! Keep out and set a good example even if others are not. There are many great areas for hiking and cycling. Ask us for details. For hikes we suggest a local guide. Don’t pick flowers, vegetables or take other things without farmers or locals consent.

Safety – Children

This is a working mountain village. There are many unsafe areas for children (and adults alike). Care, attention and supervision is needed. Please explain the risks clearly to your children and friends staying with you. There is a indoor and outdoor childrens play area but its not designed or built to leave your kids at unsupervised. Please keep an eye on your kids in all areas as risks will be new to them.  

Safety – Drops & Slippery Surfaces

Special attention to slippery rocks and walking surfaces are needed when they are damp or wet. Be extra careful of rocks with moss growing on them. You will slip over if not very careful!!!!!

Safety – Wildlife and snakes

Generally, in the village there are lots of cats and dogs – do you have allergies to domestic pets and animals? Better get in contact with us first if you’re concerned. There are also pigs, chickens and sheep in basements of houses and around the village.  Due to being scared, wildlife does not normally enter the village. Outside the village there are monkeys, deer, big wild pheasants, huge frogs etc, which you might see and hear. There are also various types of snakes some of which are poisonous. Don’t worry too much as they are much more scared of you than you are of them. Keep to the paths and beat the ground and bushes with a stick. They cannot see you but they will pick up the vibrations and slither off quickly. You’re much more likely to hurt yourself falling over than by a snake. There are bugs and spiders around. Our windows and buildings are sealed and we do all that we can to minimize without affecting the ecosystem. Actually, they don’t bite so no real issue. Bring mosquito repellent. 

Quiet Hours

No use of the communal areas after 10:00pm or before 6:30am. Sleep is important. Ring tones on silent throughout stay. Please don’t shout on the phone. Calls should be taken in your room if possible. Please use ear phone for watching videos on your phone or iPad etc. Calls should not be made during social dinners.


We DO recycle. Toilet paper goes in rubbish bins not down the toilet! Please throw out the rubbish in the right rubbish bin before you check out. Labels provided on organic, plastic / recyclable waste and general waste. We are working with locals to clean the local rubbish situation.





请仔细考虑您的活动,谨慎行事。紧急救援距离较远, 到达前需要您有必要的安全技能应对现状。要对自己负责, 不要冒不必要的风险: 喝酒,吸毒。请确保您有必要的保险。如果您需要,我们可以推荐携程提供的基本本地旅行保险。



这是一个山区。对儿童(和成人)都有许多不安全的地方。需要呵护、关注和监督儿童。请向您的孩子和朋友清楚地解释这些风险。我们有一个室内和室外儿童游戏区,但它的设计或建造不是为了让您将小朋友留在此处无人监督。在所有区域, 都请密切关注您的孩子,因为对他们来说到处都可能有新的风险。




通常村里有很多猫和狗 – 您对家庭宠物和动物过敏吗?如果您担心的话,最好先和我们联系。在房屋的地下室和村庄周围也有猪、鸡和羊。无需害怕,野生动物通常不会进入村庄。村外有猴子、鹿、大野鸡、大青蛙等,你可以看到和听到。还有各种各样的蛇,其中一些是有毒的。别担心太多,因为他们会更害怕您。沿着小路走,用棍子打地面和灌木丛。他们看不到您,但他们会感受到振动,并迅速地滑行离去。相较而言, 比起来自蛇的伤害, 您更容易被绊倒而受伤。周围有虫子和蜘蛛。我们的窗户和建筑物都是密封的,我们竭尽所能将对生态系统的影响降到最小化。实际上,它们不会咬人,所以没有真正的问题。带上驱蚊剂。