Tanqi Bike Rental

Rent bikes by type or size below. See our bike sizing chart at the bottom of the page.

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Bike rentals are collect at the front desk and follow clear procedure.

Bikes are booked online. Please go to the cafe front desk to sign the waiver. You will be taken to your bike.

We ask all guests to pay a 1000 RMB bike deposit. Like renting a car, we ask all guests to pay for damage they cause to the bike so please check the bike with our staff before you take it.

Please return your bike before 6pm to check in the bike with our staff, to get for any issues and get your deposit back.

MTB are flat bar mountain bikes with gravel tires which are suitable for road and off road use.

Diverges are drop bar adventure gravel bikes with gravel tires suitable for road and off road use.

Bikes by Size

Small Bikes

Medium Bikes

Large Bikes

Diverge Size Chart

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Tanqi is supported by Specalized & Wildhomestay with the goal of promoting adventure cycling and getting people out on their bikes, in nature, exploring China. We run it at or below cost and 10% of generated income goes to local clean up and conservation projects. We hope the work we do for Tanqi is a win win for the local community, environment, gets more people cycling in diverse places, while helping to promote Specalized great bikes and Wildhomestays experiences.