Mountain River Hikes – 2023 08 06

You will meet Village, farmland, Tea field, Mountain peak, Pine forest, Hickory trees, Crossing streams, Climbing mountains, Going down steep slopes, Hike into the wild…

Great picnic in the natural wonderland 🏊‍♀️

Meet some new friends!!

✏️Activity Instructions

【Activity Theme】 Mountain River Picnic Hike in Anhui Sanyang village

【Fun Index】⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(Maximum 5 stars)

【Difficulty】Distance 10km. Elevation: 800m 5-6h

【Trail Condition】Off roads, steep slopes, gravel, rivers, streams, concrete


【Requirements】Healthy and team spirit

【Hike Kits】Sneakers, Stream trekking shoes, Trekking pole, Quick-dry sports clothes, Big water bottle, Sunscreen cream


Friday 8/4 Arrive at WHS🏠

1⃣️Bus Option:

Depart by bus (>15ppl sign-up). Gather in Shanghai Gymnasium Subway Station, Exit 3

22:00 Arrival 

2⃣️Train Option:

Train Station: Arrive at Sanyang Station, SH – Sanyang  2.5 hours, 10 minutes by Taxi to Wildhomestay

3⃣️Drive Options:地图导航搜索🔍:野趣乡居wildhomestay民宿(英川组)上海-民宿 4小时

4 hours driving from Shanghai

🏠Stay in wildhomestay

Saturday 8/5  Hiking Day 🚶‍♀️

06:00 Breakfast

06:30 Briefing and prepare for hiking

07:00 Start Hiking

11:00 Lunch picnic by the river, Have fun in the river

14:30 Hiking Back

17:00 Back to Wildhomestay

18:30 BBQ Dinner & Drinks

20:00 Watching movie, Relaxing

Sunday 8/6  Making Experience

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Make Tofu

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Back to Shanghai

This event supports the customization of corporate and community group activities

Refund Rules

If the event is postponed or cancelled due to weather, the fee will be refunded.

If you withdraw within 7 days before departure, the full fee will not be refundable.

Registration Notes

1. Please read the itinerary information and fee information carefully before registration. Please register carefully according to your ability.

2, Outdoor activities have certain requirements for physical fitness, self-care ability and consciousness, please carefully read the difficulty and intensity of the activity, self-assessment is suitable for participation, please be responsible for yourself, we have the right to refuse to sign up.

3, Please arrive at the specified meeting time and do not be late.

4, Protect the environment. If you throw your garbage out on the trail we will throw you out! 

5. Any additional expenses caused by force majeure such as natural disaster, plane and train failure will be borne by the participants themselves. If the event is cancelled due to the above reasons, the fees will be returned to the registration account, except for the fees already incurred.