Wild Repair!

What: Small repairs on your bibs, jerseys and jackets for running, cycling and hiking gear.

Where: At the homestay and various pop up events in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

How Long: It takes us about two weeks to process, fix and send your garment. Pickup is at the next pop up event or at the homestay.

What we don’t do:

  • Repairs on really warn-out gear! Better just to dump them in recycling.
  • Really large repairs bigger than a few cm.
  • Waterproofs

How to Do:

  • Clean and inspect your items to repair.
  • At the homestay cafe or at the pop up event fill out the below form.
  • Once the form is complete you will see a number to write on a label. Please do so, attach to the items and put the items in a bag and give to our cafe staff.
  • Wait for your next visit to Wildhomestay or the next popup event to collect.