Further Afield

There is lots to see in our area. See our itineraries based on your interest and needs.

Destinations North

Huihang Trail: a famous trade and walking trail. Actually, its only 10km away but takes an hour or more to get there by car. Some nice gorge walks. For strong hikers head from the homestay north towards Jixi. Full days hike. We can then arrange a car to bring you back so you can make it for dinner. If your are a strong cyclist then drop your stuff at the homestay Friday night. Early Saturday cycle (MTB) the northern back route, stunning! Then push your bike up the trail and head either east or west along it and then loop back to us. Bring lights and return to the homestay for a late feast. Massive day.

Destinations East

Hangzhou: we all know Hangzhou but there are some great things to see there. Lots of history and interesting places. Contact us for more info, let us know your interests and we will sort out a itinerary for your stopover on your way/return to the homestay.

Tangkou Hotspring: strop over on the way from Hangzhou or Qiandaohu and also on some of our bike routes taking in Daming Mountain. Places to stay and nice walks but the reason people go there is for the winter hot springs. We can arrange a nice trip and picnic en route or a full-day excursion from the homestay.

Destinations South

Qiandao Hu: there is lots of interesting stuff between us and Qiandao Hu. There are cycling routes that touch the north shores of the lake (stop for a dip) or see our itineraries for multi-day driving/motorbike tours which take in the area.

Destinations West

Hongkeng Xidi: a famous (and can be super touristy) village area. A bit far for a one day visit from us but check out our multi day itineries.

Huangshan Mountain: a 2 to 3h drive from us the famous Eastern China mountain. Again super touristy but can be a super nice walk. Check out our itineries.

Huangshan City: a one hour drive from us, train and airport connection. A transportation hub for multi day tours in the area.

She County: 45 mintues to us and our county seat. History and stuff to see in the area. Again check out our multi day tour or visit it for a full day self drive (or we can orgainze a local van). See a few museums, eat lunch and learn about Huizhou cuture.

Wuyuan: described as China’s most picturesque village. It also has become a serious tourist spot with tour buses enmass. There are some very nice desitnations nearby and places to stay. A great stop over point.

Jingdezhen: China’s porcelain capital and a fun stop over. Well worth a visit if your heading west.

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