Room & House Booking: Please book through this website. If you’re having any problems please book through our alternative Chinese language only system or Airbnb. For this website if booking through a phone use Alipay not wechat pay! Wechat pay currently only works on a computer. Please take a screenshot of the booking confirmation number or note it down and show us at checkin. Make sure your email or wechat address you give us is correct incase we need to change your booking! Weekend and holiday bookings should be for a minimum of two nights. We reserve the right to cancel or defer any 1 night weekend bookings. Prices shown don’t include breakfast at 50 RMB a head. Please see our cancellation policy.

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Great for families and groups.

Family Rooms

Family rooms fit 3 to 4 people and generally have 1 shared bathroom.

Queen Rooms

Queen rooms fit 2 people and have 1 shared bathroom.

Twin Rooms

Twin rooms come with 2 twin beds and a private bathroom.

Bring a Dog!

Want to bring a dog or pet? We allow this in some dog-friendly rooms. We charge a special cleaning fee of 80 RMB per room per visit. Please select this when you book the room.