Wild Cycles

One key reason we chose the area was its great road, mountain and mixed surface cycling opportunities. We have drawn the openstreet maps, setup segments, established local rides and continue to reap the rewards of what the local environment offers.

Checkout the world class cycling routes!

Spring 2024

Spring is here and so is the start of our cycling season. A perfect place to do your base FTP test for the year! Experience spring flowers in all their glory! Drink the freshly picked tea and eat the fresh bamboo and vegetable shoots!

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The best way of getting around the local area visiting the villages!

Newer Cyclist

If you are new to cycling or not very experienced in the hills please see our new riders page and come to one of our Dirty Chill Weekends!.

Beginner to Advanced Routes

Please check out our extensive Cycling Routes Page with downloadable gpx files and Strava routes. Also see some of the Strava Segment Boards (needs updating) & join our Strava Club.

New routes spring up all the time, seasons change and adventure is generally the name of the game. We have established and continue to develop China’s most dynamic rural riding community. Guests, including ex-pro’s, describe some of the routes as World Class. A great experience for us and our guests.

Suggested Itineraries

The Main Road Cycling Routes in the area.

See our route section for details

Beginners: rent a MTB or adventure bike from us and cycle to the local villages for some short hikes or lunch.

1st Time to the homestay, Mid to High Intensity: Saturday Daming, Sunday Rubbish. What we recommend for first time visitors. Each ride is 4 to 6h

Weekend 2 Long Intensity: Saturday Little Peaks / Lake. Long and might need pickup. Sunday Rubbish. 

A Long Weekend: Daming Classic & Botanical, Lake & Little Peaks, Rubbish & Shendu. Might need a pickup. 3 days and your legs will have had enough.

Longer: Riding South West from Tunxi or Huangshan City is nice. Same from the north. Riding North from Qiandao Hu is very nice. See our guide section

A week or so: Do the whole Huizhou trail – Eastern Silk Road from Jingdezhen to Hangzhou. A great self-supported tour. 

Ride Calendar 

March / April: Getting warmer but still cool in the evenings. It’s when the season starts. Our Dirty Challenges kick off in March and Clean in April. Yellow rapeseed on the terraces, fresh bamboo to eat and new season green tea to drink. Stunning. Also Huangshan MTB race in the area.

May / June: Great time of year to be here. A few Everest attempts planned. People building up their climbing legs and rides normally every weekend till end of season in November. 

July / August: hot hot in mid day so rides start very early!!!! From mid day on its in the pools or under aircon. When sun goes down its nice outdoor BBQs till late in evening. Some evening rides planned. Great time to explore the greater area on bike.

Sept / Oct / Nov: Probably the best time of year for cycling as dry and warm. Qiandao Hu Elite Race is fantastic if you can keep up. A Clean and Dirty Challenges. Various long-distance rides are planned including our 3 Meals 5000m day out….

Dec / Jan / Feb / March: December closes our season. Cold / Snow / Ice on the higher hills. Only really suggested for MTB, Ebikes and wider tires. We happy cycle in winter just so long as it’s not raining and the ground is dry. We close from mid Jan through 1st March.

DirtyClean Challenges

We hope to host 6 DirtyClean Challenges in 2023. Now in its 4th year we changed the format of the Dirty Challenges to make them feasible for newer riders with mountain bike, gravel and wide-tire road bike categories. Dirty Ultra’s and Clean Challenges remain similar to before with tweaks to the routes. Please check out dates and info – DirtyClean

Adventure Cycling

We have establish with Specialized a unique adventure cycling experience which we call Tanqi. Come to the homestay to learn what adventure cycling is all about and how to ride adventure ride on one of the best fleets of gravel bikes anywhere! Learn the basics on our gravel pump track and take the skills to the local hills exploring the area at your own pace. Join one of our adventure challenges and then explore China on one of the fantastic Diverge adventure gravel bikes. Check out our page on what gear for our local adventure rides.

Recaps & Gallery

A large and expanding gallery of rides.