The Weather

Accuraweather for She County


The area is best visited when its sunny and dry but that’s kind of the same anywhere! There are things to do inside when raining. The village has its own little eco and weather system due to being at the base of the mountain. Nights are cooler and there is mixed opinion if air conditioners are actually needed during summer on the ground floors of the old houses. Winters are cold but the village is not exposed so not too bad.

For weather forecasts please see She County – 50km or so away but it’s the most accurate/local one available. We are generally cooler than there and the weather won’t be exactly the same but it gives a good high-level overview.

We actually don’t know what the AQI is here as we don’t have meters to test. Generally, we don’t have localized air pollution other than the burning of domestic and agricultural bio waste and wood/charcoal for heating and cooking. The air feels and looks a lot better here than any city in the region. Lots of plants to produce oxygen and filter out the air. Of course, pollution clouds can be large and we will get affected to some degree. On average readings for nearby areas seem to be around 25 to 40.