Rural experiences, outdoor adventures and simple village homestays in Anhui, China.

Walk, Hike, Run, Bike, Motor to pools! Early morning activities, relaxed lunches, mid-day sun naps, late afternoon walks and outdoor cool drinks and dinner! A perfect family summer escape!

Upcoming Activities, Races & Events

Our own, our partners and our group’s upcoming experiences at the homestay.

Suzhou Lady Boss cycling event at the homestay in June! More info
Miranda’s July 20th Hike to Pool Party – More info coming soon.
Shanghai Lady Boss cycling event at the homestay in June.
Miranda’s Dance to Pool – in August! More info coming soon. How about a ride to pool weekend?
Look Bikes Event!
Clean Race | Beast of the East 21st September More Info

Sign up for our DirtyClean 2024 Cycle Races!


We have about 10 houses and can host up to about 100 people. Are rooms are great value and prices stay constant throughout the year starting from around 300 RMB for twin rooms to around 500 RMB for a queen rooftop to whole houses for 1000+ RMB (including breakfast). View more information on the homes and book a stay.

Simple clean rooms and homes with fresh dry linen. Learn more about our stays.

Easy Transport

Getting here is easy! We are 7km away from the bullet train station and motorway exit. Trains from Shanghai take 2h20m and about 1h from Hangzhou. Driving takes 4h from Shanghai and 2h from Hangzhou. We have easy road access to many interesting places in the Huizhou area, Qiandao Lake and Yellow mountain.

2h20m train to Shanghai. 1h train to Hangzhou. 4h drive to Shanghai. 1h to Huangshan. Getting here is easy.

Great Local Food

We have a small cafe which provides simple breakfast, all-day dining, and dinners & drinks. We encourage outdoor eating experiences including picnics and BBQs.

Interesting food. Mostly Outdoors
Cold fresh drinks, picnics and cool beverages.

Great Local Activities

We have great walking, running, and cycling in the area. We also arrange many other activities and visits around the area. A great introduction to rural China and a break from city life! Check out our world-class Tanqi adventure cycling experience that we have with Specialized and our DirtyClean Cycling and Yepao Running Challenges. Also try one of our marked hiking routes as shown above or our Saturday guided hike.

Check out our local and easier, marked hiking trails. Go on a longer hike with friends and family following one of our many GPS routes borrowing one of our Coros GPS devices.

World-class hiking, running, cycling, and many outdoor activities

Check out our ebikes and a great fleet of adventure bikes to rent during your stay!

Groups & Company Outings

Wildhomestay offers a unique and different location to host your group or company event and activities. Check out our group page for more information.

Mountains, hills, paths, streams, rivers, villages, agriculture and nature!

Motorcycling & Driving

Our area is a motorcycle heaven with twisty winding undulating roads. Learn more about motorcycling in the area, driving from Hangzhou and Yellow mountain!

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