Hangzhou Homestay Routes

There is some very nice riding between Wildhomestay & Hangzhou. Coming from Beijing or Shanghai? Jump on an early train, jump off at Hangzhou and cycle or motor from there. Spend a night on the road or do a ultra in one day. See this collection.

Mid: Probably the nicest route if you’re not in a rush. Small good tarmac most of the way. We need to tweak a nice route out of Hangzhou. The below route starts to get nice out of Fuyang and the Pipu Fengshui Qianchuan Heqiao Daming line is fantastic quiet small roads.

North: Hangzhou to Deqing / Morganshan and back down to the homestay. There should be a very nice route from Downtown HZ through west lake, Xixi wetlands, following the canal up to the hills below Deqing then through the hills up to Moganshan or west. Anyone know of a good route like this let us know please.

South: Hangzhou to North Qiandaolake and up to homestay. Head north form Fenshui. Then go west to Hecun, Linqi, Pingmen and Jinchuan to the Homestay.

Direct: The G56 motorway (car or bus only) or old highway S102 / S02 Huangyu Xian via Lin’an / Changhua Zhen. Check routes on Gaode.

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