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There are 5 ways to use digital maps and routes while at the homestay:

A. Use one of our Suunto WildGPS Watches. Ask at the front desk for one of the watches which come preloaded with our routes. Detailed how to use guide.
B. Wild Web App (WWA). No need to download anything but there are some compatibility issues sometimes with some phones in China. The WWA is shown on many of the route pages. Just click the little circle to see where you are in relation to the route.
C. Komoot. See the Komoot links on the route pages. Komoot is simple and works well. Register a free Komoot account on your phone and search for friends “Wildhomestay” to see and save selected routes to follow.
D. Strava. Please join our Strava group “wildhomestay”. In the post area you will see posts linking to the routes we have uploaded to Strava.
E. GPX Download: Download the GPX if provided to run on your phone / garmin / wahoo GPS devices

Borrow one of the great Suunto Watches preloaded with our routes.

A. Wild Web App

This should work fine on most mobile phones. We have seen some issues on Android phones running Google Chrome. Try another browswer such as Firefox. Please open the route web pages outside of wechat. Bring a extra battery bank for longer trips!

To use:

  1. Open the main routes pages. cycling | hiking
  2. Navigate to the trip / route page you want to follow. Give it a little time to load the map. The below map should show up.
  3. Click the full screen button on the top left top.
  4. Click the location button on the top right. A warning asking to use your phones GPS will pop up. Accept. On some Android phonese there have been issues finding your location.
  5. It will show a blue dot which marks your location. See your location in relation to the route.

B. Komoot

Komoot is good map / route app (English & German) for your phone or GPS device. We have uploaded most of our runs and rides to it. We suggest you:

  1. Download app to phone.
  2. Sign up for an account. Free.
  3. Go to Profile > Find Friends > Search “Wildhomestay“. Add wildhomestay as a friend.
  4. Click Following > Wildhomestay > Tours > Planned. You will see all the routes we have uploaded. Select a route and click “Save” or “Start Navigation” .

Alternatively, its easy to send the route from our web page to your mobile phone or account.

C. Strava

Please join our Strava group “wildhomestay”. In the post area you will see posts linking to the routes we have uploaded to Strava.

D. GPS Devices

You can download the GPX file to your Garmin, Wahoo or GPS device to use offline. Look for the GPX download link on the route pages or click the blue route, a popup will open and you will see a download link for the gpx file.

Many phones work well as GPS devices and can show GPX route files. We use a Chinese app called and english app called . Bring an extra battery pack.