2024 Tough Ladies

A unique and tough female race format. Early morning races followed by fun social days.

A weekend for the

Open to female riders aged from 14 to 70.

7th & 8th September 2024

Two races over a weekend plus some social rides and social events. Males are invited, not to race but to help out with some washing, cooking and general support.

7th September

The Hill Race

Saturday – 9am – warm up with a roll out of Sanyang town 1km to the start. The start is at the base of the climb and its all uphill. A gentle 6.6% average, 523m, 9km race up and up. Coffee, cake and great photo ops at the top. Wait for the last rider and cycle down as a controlled group. If you want to smash the down hill do it another time but we don’t suggest it due to safety. Either cycle back to the homestay for a stretch or do a recovery ride for another 40km. A afternoon of fun.

Perfect tarmac road on the entire climb!
Part of the climb from afar!
Coffee & Cake on the Top! Some stunning views!

8th September

The TT Smash

Sunday 9am start at the junction of the new ring road and Sanyang Train Station. Riders leaving at 30 second intervals with the fastest last (from 1st day). Each participant must do 3 loops of the 6.6km loop.

Any bike for the weekend!
Perfect tarmac, mostly flat for the TT. Just keep to your side of the road.


Some Tough Ladies !!!

Awards will be presented at Wildhomestay at 1pm Sunday.

  • Weekend Winners: 1, 2, 3 Open, Young Lady (Below 18), Masters (Above 40).
  • Saturday Hill Climb Winners: 1, 2, 3 Open, Young Lady (Below 18), Masters (Above 40).
  • Sunday TT Winners: 1, 2, 3 Open, Young Lady (Below 18), Masters (Above 40).
Picture prize for best pose 🙂

Also fun prizes for best kit, photo etc.

Rules: any type of bike is allowed. Nonmotorized. Riders must wear helmets at all times during rides. No rubbish throwing so please put your used gel packets in your bib and dump in our rubbish bins at start and finish! Riders must show race number on their bikes as indicated.

Not Just A Weekend of Races

There will be social rides post races, stretch and yoga pre/post ride, fun activities and events.

Pre & Post Ride Stretches & Yoga
Saturday & Sunday Social Rides – but nothing too hard.
Make friends within the cycling community.
Evening of BBQ Fun!


Opens end June!

Save the date 7th & 8th September 2024

Some previous female focused events at the homestay: