Wild Feast

June 3rd @wildhomestay

4 outdoor fire food stations

Anhui Mountain and Foreign fresh produce cooked with respect and passion by International & Local Chefs. 

4 Great Chefs

1 Great Wild Feast

Learn from experience chefs about outdoor cooking and taste their fiery creations in an authentic setting.

Hikes, Runs & Cycling planned to help burn the calories and possible hangovers.

Helping our Local People In Need

The aim of the weekend is not only to eat lots of good food but also to help raise some funds for facilities supporting the local elderly and disabled population. 30% of income goes to raising money to design and build a covered area for the local Elderly Care Service Center which they can use to dry their clothes and bedding.

Weekend Itinerary


Arrive PM

2.30h by train. Direct and non-direct train options and the station is 10 minutes from Wildhomestay. Self drive 4hours, Sanyang exit of G56 motorway is also 10 minutes from Wildhomesestay!

🏠Stay at Wildhomestay


8:00am    Early rise, big fresh breakfast

9:00am    Cycling or forage hike to get enough exercise for the feast

2:30pm    Chefs start to prepare the feast

4:30pm    Drinking starts

6:00pm    Feast starts

Recommend Activity on Sunday

After breakfast, possible hike, run or cycle back from Sanyang to the homestay – for those that feel strong. 


Please book your required number of bookings for the feast. Add them to your cart. Also book your rooms if you are staying with us. For this weekend we are requiring that all guests who stay with us also join the feast.

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