Local Map Guide

Whats in the local area? Interesting places within 1 hour drive. Most of the local roads are very windy so it takes time to drive on them. The G56 mortorway exit is 10 minutes drive from the homestay so there are various interesting options to the East and West of us which can be easily driven within 1 hour.

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30 minutes on small roads – very local  周边30分钟小路车程

  • YingChuang Village: 英川村 Where Wildhomestay is Located
  • Qingliang Feng Nature Reserve 清凉峰自然保护区: Keep out of the core and buffer zones but many interesting places around the perimeter and experimental zones.
  • Santang Village & Terraces 上坦村: 10m drive
  • Remote Daxiyuan Village 大溪源村: 10m drive but dont suggest you drive it.
  • Lingjiao Village 岭脚村:? & what experience 
  • Xitan Village & Hill Hike 西潭村: (back to Homestay or Sanyang)
  • Sanyang Old Street & Shopping 三阳镇老街: 15m drive and our main local village
  • Gaoshan Hill Village & Old Architecture 高山村: 25m drive

30 minutes to 1 hour on Small Roads 30分钟到1小时小路车程

  • Jinchuan Xiang & Gechuan Peak 金川乡搁船尖: About 40m drive up a lovley road which heads south out of Sanyang.
  • Yingkengcun & Horshoe peak and around.英坑村
  • Poshan Town & Hills 坡山村: about 40m drive west. Hills, rivers, mulbery, small hikes.
  • ShuiZhuKeng Old Town & Hills 水竹坑: A very nice old town in the hills between us and Jixi. 
  • Shitan Cun Old Town & Hills 石潭村: very steep small rolling hills.

45 minutes to 1 hour on Motorway G56 West 45分钟到1小时车程G56高速公路往西

  • Zhangshan Grand Canyon 鄣山大峡谷: A small canyon with nice walls, pools, little villages at the south of the Huihang Gu Dao Trail. 
  • She County 歙县: A large town city with a interesting Huizhou Architectural meusum, old street and memorial arch area.
  • JiXi ji 绩溪: A large 
  • Tunxi 屯溪: A large city, airport, jumping off point for Huangshan Mountain, old street and various interesting places.

45 minutes to 1 hour on Motorway G56 East  45分钟到1小时车程G56高速公路往东

  • Daming Shan 大明山
  • Botanical Garden 植物园

Day Driving Itineraries: 1日游行程

By Car or motorbike within 1 day. 可驾车或摩托车

  • Old Village: Sanyang Shopping > ShuiZhuKeng Old Town > Zhangshan Grand Canyon > Poshan Village & Home 古村游:三阳-水竹坑-鄣山大峡谷-坡山-野趣乡居
  • Yingkeng Cun, horse shoes and around. 英坑村周边
  • Xia’an River…. (new motorway? when) Xitang > Shendu > 新安江山水游:
  • Daming Mountain…… 大明山

Multiple Day Tours: 多日游

  • Huizhou Merchant Trail: cycle, motorbike or drive on a great loop around the old Huizhou area of Anhui and Jiangxi. 徽州商路:骑行,摩托车或驾车
  • Huangshan Mountain to Qiandao Lake: the scenic route 黄山到千岛湖
  • Wildhomestay Qiandao Hu Loops 野趣乡居,千岛湖往返
  • Northern Loops
  • 4WD Experiences