2023-04-15 WST Tea Time!

Wildhomestay – From Wild & Seasonal To Table (WST) Experiences. Weekend of Wild Tea Fun! Experience China’s tea culture in an unpretentious, real and active way!

On Saturday April 15th hike the hills and find the freshest tea bushes. Work with the locals picking some of China’s finest wild tea. Bring it back to the village, process it, prepare and taste the various types while learning a bit of the background and origins. Experience it in local food and drink. On Sunday 16th April experience our wild bamboo hunting, another seasonal agriculture activity. Find it, dig it, clean it, prepare it and eat it over lunch.



Bus leaves Shanghai 17:00 sharp. but there is no bus…

4-5h to get here by bus.

2h by train. Direct and non-direct train options and the station is 10 minutes from Wildhomestay. Sanyang exit of G56 motorway is also 10 minutes from Wildhomesestay!

🏠Stay in Wildhomestay


08:00am    Early rise, big fresh breakfast

09:00am    Introduce different tea in the area and tea history by local tea expert. 

09:30am    Walk to the tea plantation

10:00am    Villagers explain how tea grows

10:15am    Start the fun of tea picking 

12:00pm    Picnic at the tea forest

01:00pm    Walk back to WHS

01:30pm    Dry tea

02:30pm    Tea taste and snacks

03:30pm    Hand fry self picked tea 

05:30pm    Take a break ready for dinner

07:00pm    BBQ Dinner with some special dishes cooked with tea

🏠Stay in Wildhomestay


08:00am     Big fresh breakfast

09:00am     Bamboo hunting – find a bamboo shoot and dig out bring home with you

12:00pm     Lunch (NOT INCLUDING)

Pick tea with the locals
Sort tea leaves
Dry & Fry the leaves in the traditional way
Tea time trying different teas of China.
Fire cooked tea infused bamboo dishes!
Bamboo shoot hunting on Sunday.
Bamboo infused local dishes

Tea Activity Weekend Booking

Please select adults or children activities and add them to your basket. Then select a room if you plan to stay with us. The price includes all 2023 04 15 Saturday and 2023 04 16 Sunday tea and bamboo activities and the tea you pick and container but not room and food.

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Tea & Bamboo Weekend Experience.

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Tea & Bamboo Weekend Experience.


What is WST: our seasonal activities in the wild areas around the homestay. Where guests can learn about the wild and nature and benefit from the experience and local customs and culture. Active experience, educational experience, adventurous experience and fun!

Our Tea Bush area with great views.