Please understand we have minimal group attendance of normally 6 people or more. Finial availability and pricing will depend upon numbers that sign up.

Cooking Lessons & Tofu Making

We make our own Tofu from locally grown beans with mountain spring water. Some of the tastiest and most sustainable forms of protein you will get. See our cooking lessons. Fun and normally just over 1h.


Normally there are groups going out each day. Ask in the cafe and check the online info. Rent a mountain or e-bike. Careful on the downhills and bring enough water. For summer we suggest longer bike rides are had after an early breakfast, set out at sunrise, back by 1130 for a cold smoothy, lunch and long afternoon nap.

Afternoon Easy Village Cycle Ride

Cycle down to Sanyang. Visit some of the local shops, noodle factory, rapeseed oil factory and old street. Then cycle up to Santang for the Sunset. 

  • 3pm 3h approx
  • Free.
  • Does not include bikes. 40 rmb for basic mountain bike, 200 rmb for mid end and 350 rmb for e-bikes.
  • Book 24h before / Minimum 2 people or join a group if others out as well.

Walks & Hiking

People hike out each day so ask at the cafe what is happening. We have various village and easier hikes. Please bring good non-slip shoes suitable for walking/hiking and bottles for water. Go on one of our guided hikes or do your own thing. Take one of our picnics or energy sets with you. 

 Big Hike

A hard hike with some great views with a Picnic brake in the middle slowly walking back or take a car.

  • 8am Walking Stick making (not included)
  • 9am Mid group leave Cafe. 
  • 12 noon meet north of SuJiaKen for a stream side picnic.
  • Hike to XujiaWu and then down the river gorge and back up and over back to Wildhomestay. Alternatively, take a car take back to Wildhomestay from Yanke if too tired.
  • 180 RMB per person. Including guide, food and soft drinks and coffee. Wine / beers at extra cost. Drive back if required at extra cost. 
  • Book 24h before / Minimum 2 people or join a group if others out as well.
Easy Hill Hike & Pools

A really nice walk up to Santang village and around the border of the nature reserve. Then head down for a picnic by the river and dip in the cool peaks waters. 

  • 9AM start hiking. 1200 lunch. 2pm arrive back Wildhomestay.
  • 150 RMB per  person. Including food and soft drinks and coffee.  Wine / beers at extra cost.
  • Book 24h before / Minimum 2 people or join a group if others out as well.
Walking Stick Making

One of the local guides will make a bamboo walking stick with you. A suggested family activity the day before a long hike or the morning of. The sticks are very useful hiking tool and to scare off snakes!

  • 1 hour  @ the cafe.
  • 30 RMB a person including materials.
  • Book 24h before / Minimum 2 people or join a group if others have signed up to.

See all hike tours

Local Crafts

Learn some of the local crafts in fun 1 to 2h lessons. Please book ahead of time so we have time to organize craft people and materials. Minimum group orders of 2. We also have some special activities just for kids.