Local Rides

A few local rides listed here. Just explore small roads/villages off the main roads.

A few options – suggest on mountain or gravel bikes.

A short steep ride up to Santang Village. Get a rest and walk around. Then cycle down to Sanyang town and cycle down the old street and square. Visit the market and then come back.

Gab a eFat or mountain bike and cycle up to around around Xiaoxu village. Some great views of Qingliangfeng but please dont go in.

Xingzhe: 2748859

Get a mountain bike and go up a steep hill from the Ciken water factory up to XiTan village. Leave the bikes and walk around and cycle back. On the way stop at Yecun and visitor the big old house (accross the river from the train station).

Cycle down from Yingchuang, through Sanyang and then up to Gaoshan 1 and 2. Then back again. Stop at Sanyang for lunch, the old street and some rural shopping.

Xingzhe: https://www.imxingzhe.com/lushu/2748894/

As above the carry on up the hill after Gaoshan