Food & Drink

Food is bought locally and daily so its fresh. Therefore please book your breakfast and dinner the previous day by 7pm. Breakfast and dinners can be booked online or someone at the cafe can help you book these meals. Snacks and simple noodles and dumplings are available all day.

Children: 12+ full price, 6+ half price, 6- free –

Corkage: Guests will be charged 30 RMB a bottle corkage fee if the guests own bottles are consumed at the cafe area. Feel free to consume those in the communal areas around the houses with no fees and please use the mugs in your room or your own.

Guest own food: we have very limited space in some of the houses which have refrigerators. Please bring and wash own cutlery etc. Do not consume in the Cafe area. We are organizing  special meal and cooking events. Contact the kitchen for more info.


Early Breakfast is from 6.30 to 7.30am only! Long Breakfast is from 8.00am to 10.00am. We suggest you take the normal breakfast which has more variety. Early breakfast is aimed for sports people with more carbs and takeouts.


Dinner is served from 6pm to 8pm and are set menus. Different menus are offered on different days:

Hot PotVillagersVillagersHot PotVillagersBBQVillagers

Either have meals indoors or sit outdoors. Have with a selection of beers or wine and finish with a nice homemade desert.

All Day Dinning

All day dinning is from 10.30am to 9pm. No need to book beforehand. If you’re interested, try one of our dumpling or noodle cooking classes. A mixture of homemade food and drinks.


Choose our packed lunch if you want to take some food on a hike or bike. Choose our Sit Down Picnic for an outdoor dining experience with a great view.


We have a small but nice selection of smoothies, iced tea, cold soft drinks, wine, shots, craft beers & ciders etc. Of course, we offer a free supply of mountain water to all our guests 🙂

These can be purchased from the Cafe shop during opening hours. Prices are all reasonable.

Specials & Lessons

We try and meet special requests such as birthday cakes, picnic for groups, local food cooking. Please get in touch with our kitchen.

About Tea Peaks Cafe

Self Service Breakfast – Snacks – Lunch – Dinner
Cold and Hot drinks, Soft and Strong Drinks.

A simple mix of Local & Western recipes and ingredients. Nothing fancy but wholesome, filling and nutritious food. Self Service. The cafe provides breakfast, snacks through the day, simple dinner, a small bar, and shop and also acts as the reception and communal space. The Cafe is divided into an indoor and outdoor eating space and upper floor lounge area.

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