Every season we try and improve our noodle making, toppings and mixes. Currently we focus on making hand made & hand cut thick wheat noodles – “Kuan Mian” with pork and vegtiable toppings.
  • Nearly all asian noodles and foreign pastas originate from Chinese noodles. Its not clear if they orginate from China or the middle east.
  • In China they start to become popular in the Han Dynisty.
  • Chinese noodles are eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. We focus on providing them 100% fresh at lunch. Please join one of our 1130 noodle making classes.
Some interesting articales on Chinese Noodle Making:
Our Noodle Making Process: 
Noddles is made my simply combining water and four adding a bit of oil. 
1. Mix flour and water
2. Keep kneading until the texture of the dough becomes very smooth
3. Roll the dough in special way with the help of special rolling stick
4. Place the rolled dough on the board in a way shown on the pictures.
5. Cut the noodles thin or sick, depends on your preferences