It is similar to the production of dairy cheese by coagulating the milk of dairy animals to form curds and pressing and aging the curds to form cheese.
3 main stages of making tofu:
1.Making soy bean milk
2. Coagulating the milk to get the curd
3. Pressing the curd to shape tofu
1. soak beans in water overnight
2. clean them couple of times in the basin or running water
2. grind beans in blander or tofu making machine adding some water
3. strain liquid through the clothes, filter all bean leftovers to extract your soy bean milk. (Bean Leftovers are called okara, you can freeze them and use them up later to make amazing vegan patties, they are very nutritious)
4. warm up the soy milk on a stove, take it to the boil
5. Add a special material called nigari into the liquid to coagulate and curd the milk
6. After the soy milk turned into curd put it in a sifter of special tofu mold. Press for couple of hours
7. Enjoy your freshly made tofu