Hike & Run Segments

Strava Fun Run Segments

for those that use Strava we have posted a few run segments. please feel free to make some more and send them to us.

Old Vomit: Walk out south of village for 100m or so. Go over a little bridge and start the vomit run up to the concrete water tank. Run down the back route to the village ending at the cafe. 1.2km up. 2.4 up and down. We need to make a new segment for the up and down.


New Vomit 1k: start by the cafe and run up the hill following the concrete path.


Tea Forest: run up the Vomit and down the Forest. Concrete Path / Trail.

Dashi Dash: run up to Daxiyuan.  Road & Gravel.


Santang Elevator: run from the gravel road to the top of Santang. Then from there can follow the path around.


Yenke Black Hills: End of Vomit to the black hills.

Ciken Circles: Ciken up, around and back down to Sanyang.

Daming Up: cycle or drive to Daming, then: 20km, 5% all up, 1000m, Road.