Lots of nice runs around.

Tea Forest Run Hike
5KM – Good trail / road – some steep uphill. A very nice walk up through a tea plantation and then down through a forest, going through a little village and walking back along the main road to Yingchuan. Could combine with East Village Hills.
Download GPX: Tea Forest v2
Segment: a nice relaxed 1.3km segment.
Santang Above & Back 
8-10km – Road / Small trail – Some steep. A nice run up to Santang village on the road, then following a trail up and round above Santang. Some nice views.
  Download GPX: Shangtan Above & Back
Segement: – relaxed 2km run up the hill to Santang Village
Yingchuan Daxiyuan Return
Direct there and back about 4km on gravel mostly flat road.
Add another km going south 400m and then up a little to Santang and then northern upper road to Daxiyuan