Bike Cleaning

Please give your bike a good clean at our bike shed with Chemical Guys cleaning produce. Should take you around 10 minutes. Please use the correct produce, cloths and follow the below procedure for best results.

  1. Wet Area: Degrease and de-tar.
  2. Wet Area: Power jet, soap, scrub, power jet.
  3. Dry Area: Power air dry
  4. Dry Area: Projective polish
  5. Dry Area: Lube

1. Wet Area: Degrease and de-tar

Put the bike in the wet area. Use the power washer removing most of the mud around the drive chain (gears / chain / cassettes / derailleur). SPRAY AWAY FROM THE BRAKE ROTORS. DONT SPRAY DIRECTLY INTO THE BB OR BARING AREAS.
Multi purpose safe degreaser! Spray Chemical Guys Degreaser onto cassette and chain and jockey wheels of rear derailleur.
Spray away from the rear brake rotor!!!
Give the chain, cassette and jockey wheels a good scrub!
Spray off degreaser – AWAY from brake disks / rotors!!!!
If you have tar, sealant or other thick stuff stuck to frame / wheels etc (but not drive chain) spray a little of this and scrub off!
Get a protein shake or recovery beer while you’re doing the not so hard work!
Remove gunk from jockey wheels with oil towels or paper towels.
Remove gunk from front cassette!
Degreased drive chain ready for washing!

2. Wet Area: Soap & Clean.

Spray Chemical Brothers Tough Mudder soap over the entire bike. (ratio of 1 soap to 10 water)
Wipe down with wet cloth. Do not use these cloths on oily drive chain! Use oily cloths for that!
Spray all over removing soap & mud!
Give the helmet and shoes a good clean too. Use Chemical Guys strain remover if needed!

3. Dry Area: Power Air Dry

Move the bike to the dry area! Use the compressed air to blow out water and any remaining stuff from brakes!
Also blow the chain, cassettes, derailleur, headset, BB.

4. Dry Area: apply protective polish

Spray very lightly but not on drive chain or rotors!!!! Get special buffing cloths and wipe clean and polish!

5. Dry Area: Apply chain oil

Bring your own – which chain oil you use is a very personal thing!
Finial clean product. Properly cleaning your bike is a rewarding experience and the right tools and cleaning products help!!!

Many thanks to the Chemical Guys for providing the bike cleaning produce to the bike shed for our guests to try out! Check out there China shop through the below qr code: