A few days of exploring our area by motorbike is great fun. Many years exploring the area by bicycle has meant we have found great local routes taking in the best scenery, windy roads and varied destinations. We are pleased to offer these routes to motorcylists along with a motorbike shed for storing and washing of your bikes while here. Use Wildhomestay as your base exploring the Huizhou area over a few days or a few visits.

Motorcycle Rental

We don’t rent motorcycles but we can put you in contact with people and shops in Hangzhou or Huangshan City (Tunxi) who do. The motorbike loops from there and back are epic and well-known. Valid license, safety gear, insurance, clothing etc a must.

A Note on Safety

Motorcycling is even more dangerous than cycling due to reaction times and the loss of traction. We have small roads with lots of tight corners! They are not busy but a donkey could be walking around a blind corner! Don’t race on the roads, there are tracks for that. Go to a track day! Take your time and be careful. Wear proper safety gear and we even ride with airbags, which are cheaper, more comfortable, and easier than replacing your bone with metal. Go extra slow or just go for a hike instead if it’s wet! Go slow at your own pace and skill level, enjoy the scenery, get lots of breaks, and be chilled!

Routes In & Out

From Hangzhou / East: Ah, so nice. Go direct (Gaode it S105), some places are a little boring but still ok and fastest route or go adjacent to that. We love motorcycling (and biking) on this route: Routes from / to Hangzhou – you will not regret it.

From Qiandao Lake / South: Basically all routes from the south / Qiandao Hu direction to us are really good! Take in Damingshan on the way! Go via Linqi or Tuankou or Weiping or link them up. There are scenic rivers, old villages and epic mountain roads to deal with!

From Tunxi / West: Wuyuan, Tunxi to Wildhomestay is amazing. Check out this cycle route (merchant trail) which is also very good with a motor!

From Huangshan / Jixi, North: Take in the areas of Yixian, Jixi and the amazing north mountains. See below.

Routes Around the Area

Let us know your level, the amount of time and type of bike and we will point you in the right direction regarding routes. A few of the routes can be downloaded here. We have Coros GPS devices guests can borrow which also have the routes and are very good for adventure motorcycling!

The North Loop

A fantastic long day taking in 3 Hills. An unforgettable motoring experience!

Optional Winds
Great Views
Winding roads and hills.

Eastern Big One

Take in the Botanical Climb (optional) and then motor around tankou hotsprings, and the south eastern accent of Qianniugang (Daming Shan – 1300m climb of twists!. Save it for a clear day or you will be in the clouds.

Qianniugang Daming in the parcial clouds

Southern Lakes

2 windy small climbs to start. Lunch on Qiandao lake and then the big climb up Qianniugang mountain or cut a bit short if you’ve been to the top before!

Daming down!
Route South

Western River Villages

Taking in 4 hill climbs. 1 area is quite steep which can be bypassed. Stunning views all over. Lunch in Shendu or Weiping.

Windy Rivers

If you have a adventure or off road bike and are interested in more mixed surface riding we can suggest various other routes. Steep concrete slopes, simple off-road. Not suitable for big road cruisers! We also have some great routes if your coming in from Huangshan / Wuyuan area. Come with a group of friends and we can also provide van support to take picnic stuff and help organise third party motorbike rental