Suunto have very kindly provided us with 6 top of the line GPS watches which we lend to our guests to help them navigate the local trails. Great for running and hiking they are easy to use and the batteries last for days on end. For cycling they act as a great secondary device and for a motorbike as a simplified primary non distractive navigation device. We have loaded the watches with a lot of our local routes.

How to select & follow a route:


Click the central button to unlock the watch.
Click the top button once or swipe the screen to select / exercise.
There are many Exercises to choose from. Cycling, Hiking or Running are what we mostly use. Press the up / down buttons or swipe and then center button to select.
The start screen is shown. Click bottom buttun or press Options on screen.
The Navigation screen will be shown. Press down button or swipe down. Select Routes.
You will see our list of routes, swipe down or use buttons to go up or down the list and press middle button to select.
You Will see an outline of the route. Press the top button to select it.
You are then taken back to the Start screen. Go outside and Press the middle button to start to record your adventure.
Press the middle button to scroll through the watch screens. You will come across the navigation display. Your route is shown in blue. Dots are where you have been. Follow the arrows and blue lines to get on trail.
Long press the middle button to get the zoom funtion up. Top button to zoom in / bottom to zoom out. When your finished your adventure press the top button and finish.
Ask at the cafe to borrow a Suunto watch. You must be a guest and we will need your room number. If you loose or damage the watch you will be responsible to replace it!