Gaoshan Trails

Careful on the off road bends. Easy road up to Gaoshan and then challenge to get around and down the … More

Rubbish Reversed

A great ride with some seriously steep 20% sections.

This is the nice segment 🙂

Other rubbish rides: … More

Slate 8 Long

A very nice route. One of the best in the area. 3 medium hills to push!

165km | 3.5 Climbs … More

Huihang Trails BnH

Nice cycle & then 30 minute hike up to the anciant Huihang Trail. From there about 1h ride / hike … More

Rubbish Ride

Our relaxed Sunday ride. Various extensions. Rolling with a short sharp hill. 

Basic Version: Rolling plus Poshan sharp section.

Advanced More