Wild eFat

A page to help you get started on the ebikes. Please read before you take one out.

Peddle assist ebikes. To go faster:

  • peddle harder
  • put in harder gear
  • increase motor speed
  • use accelerator

You can just use motor and accelerator but then you might as well be on a scooter.

Try peddle assist where you peddle, change gears to make easier. Start off in Motor level 3 and increase as needed. Need a extra bit of zap, use the accelerator.

To conserver battery (if you want longer rides)

  • try not to use accelerator or very gently accelerate.
  • peddle harder.
  • put motor at lower level.
  • turn off on longer down hills.
  • turn off battery when stopped for more than 5 minutes.

How to use

1. Turn on battery.

2. Press button untill screen comes on. Its now ready to go.

3. Press the + and – sign to increase decrease the motor power for peddle assist. 0 is off and 9 is max. Start with 2 or 3.

4. Use the accelirator when you dont want to peddle or need a little extra zap!


>  To charge the battery plug the charger into the battery next to the battery on off switch.

> There are sensors on the brakes and rear tire. If a ! mark is shown check the sensors are close to the brakes and the rear tire sensor magnet and sensor are inline (red light will come on sensor when wheel spun).