Wildcycling 野骑


There’s lots of talk, and some action, about gravel riding in the cycling industry. While we dont have true gravel in the North American sense, very long smooth gravel roads, we do have some fantastic adventure and exploration riding in the area.


The adventure rides biking surfaces in the area are categorized by 根据道路路面情况分类如下:

  • Small packed earth trails all over the place linking remote hamlets and larger roads. 各类常规路面连接了公路或省道。
  • Some cobble/stone trails which are the remains of ancient trade routes.鹅卵石/小石头路径是古代通商之路的遗迹。
  • Small steep concrete roads linking villages 连接村庄的水泥台阶路面.
  • Roads under construction or badly maintained roads 在建施工道路或养护不佳的道路.
  • Nice roads 路况良好的道路.

There are 100s of small villages dotted between mountains, hills, rivers, nature reserves, forests, streams, agriculture and some larger towns / small cities.


The basic gist / essance of wildcycling is 参与野生自行车的基本要点是:

  • Normally a road bike with larger tires (32c and up) or a hardtail mountain bike that can do some road cycling. A mix of on and off road cycling. Descent brakes.
  • A long day of adventure, finding places, chatting with locals, trying out their food, seeing their local crafts.
  • Follow a basic route but getting lost or exploring up a small trail, hiking a little hill to find a shortcut to the next great cycling climb is all part and parcel of the experience.
  • We dont have long gravel road but we do have some amazing little cement roads and stone / packed earth paths linking villages through streams and mountains and rural areas.
  • Hike with bike over some paths / steps. Leave the bike in a village home and explore a local area for a few hours.


Any old bike will do but something with fatter tires that can go on and off road, some decent gears and good brakes is suggested.


What you need to Wildcycle  野骑的必备项:

Not much. A bike and a sense of exploring 不需要太多,一辆单车和渴望探险的热情.

  • Bike 单车: Bring your gravel bike or hardtail or rent one of our simple mountain bikes. Something with wider wheels works best. Converted old steel framed bikes which can fit 32c + tires are fun and cheap option if you want to get into it. Try and get some easy gears but if not just push your bike up the very steep sections.
  • Bags 背包: We have some frame / handlebar bags your can borrow or just take a small rucksack.
  • Clothes 骑行服: normally suggest mtb shoes or just use normal shoes and flat peddles. A rain jacket in the cooler season or if your planning to go high. Leggings or long trousers and long arm shirts suggested incase you get into some serious hikes / protects from scratches.
  • Spares 备件: a pump and 2 tubes.
  • Food 食物: two water bottles and whatever small munchies you like. There are a lot of small village shops so dont worry.
  • Navigation 导航: Use your phone or GPS device. We have GPS routes you can follow or we have tailor-made semi-guided adventures which include snacks, coffee, van, tools, lunch, boat and museum trip.
  • Communication 沟通: Mobiles work in the area. Get wechat and wechat us if you need a pickup or help.

A nice little gallery by SamM (@sams_ridelog) showing a local adventure ride with his friends.照片集来自于SamM,记录了他和他朋友的当地探险骑的瞬间.

More great photos / videos at @sams_ridelog . Also check out his video of the day (VPN in China needed for Youtube – alternative youku) :更多精彩照片/视频请查看@sams_ridelog.附上当天的小视频(Youtube视频(在中国大陆需要使用VPN)和优酷视频

A Gallery of some of our more wild adventure rides.更多野趣骑行照片集给骑行爱好者共赏