YC North to Yanke “JB’s Charge”.

Red Route. 9.5KM Out

GPX File

To see your current location in relation to the route press the crosshairs button in the top right hand corner of the map. We suggest you open the map outside of wechat in your phones browser.

Route going north out of Yingchuan to Yenke. Over the first 3.5km you slog up 550m and then its a slight downhill following the river all the way to Yanke. Some great views along the way of Qingliangfeng and the West Gorge.

Get us to organise a picked up from there or walk back 7km along the YC Yenke Direct route. Alternatively rent a ebike or bike from us, we can have it dropped off and you cycle mostly downhill back to the homestay stopping off in Sanyang to check out the old town and go shopping (mmmmm…… not so much to buy but interesting experience).