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自行车运输包装 Bike Packing

To help stop scratches/rubbing and protect the bike during bus transport we suggest you wrap it in something. Useful for transport by bus and local transport options.

Very easy to buy in a local hardware store and a tailor or fabric market and 20 minutes to prepare. Reusable.

  1. 3m to 5m of pipe insulation. Cut to size and down one side. Slide uncut piece up forks. Actually, you don’t need everywhere and could ride with small pieces over different parts of the bike.
  2. Small pieces of velcro to hold insulation on the frame.
  3. Put gears in the largest rear and big front. Keep everything else on it if possible.
  4. Wheels off.

(showing velcro but don’t take off bars / other)

Chinese for pipe insulation: 保温管

Chinese for Velcro: 尼龙搭扣

Taobao link for pipe insulation:

Taobao link for Velcro:

Bring a bag to throw bits in when racing / not using.

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