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Spring Updates – Hopefully Open Soon

Soon Maybe Opening for business as (nearly) normal

We want to slowly reopening post winter and the first wave of C19 virus. We have had quite a lot of guests wanting to book however we cannot currently accept bookings. We are waiting for government inspections and also clarification on if we are allowed foreigner guests or what criteria they should meet. We are patiently waiting. 

So far we have been informated our area has had zero recorded cases of the virus, our staff have had the required medical tests, we are being very careful about how we operate the place. We do not want guest visits to add a unduly stress on the local health system or pose higher risks to other guests.

Going forward and through the C19 times our own requirements (still waiting for clear local government regulations) for all guests, foreign or domestic;

  • have to have stayed in China for the past 14 days or longer, outside of domestic hotspots.
  • have shown no signs of fever, high temperature, prolonged coughing over the past 14 days.
  • had no any close contact in the past 14 days with others who have had the C19.

These requirements might change as we understand more about the virus. For the homestay we are implementing group social distancing (GSD) and enhanced sterilization procedures (ESP) to minimize chances of spreading viruses.

What is GSD: stay in groups (2 people and up to 16) of people you know. Each group has their own external access to their home / room, meal space and does not need to come into physical contact or the same internal space as another group. Some guests will need to be somewhat flexible in peak season meal times so we can accommodate different groups at sitting times. Roofs and outside eating areas are being enhanced to help elevate this.

What is ESP: all internal spaces are sterilized 24h before a new group arrives in that space.  All bedding and towels are cleaned and sterilized 24h before another guest uses them. All eating utensils are sterilized after every meal. Hand wash is available on entry to all buildings. All staff wear masks and gloves to minimize cross spread and have their temperature checked daily.

When in public spaces we ask all guests to wear masks even if the locals are mask free. We are entering their closed community so please respect this.

Spring is a great time to go. Tea picking and rape seed flowers will be in full bloom. Evenings are cool and mid days warm. It should be a great escape and unwind from life under quarantine. On this note, we extend free week stay through spring / summer, to people who have been working on the front line of this pandemic, no matter where you are from. If you, your friends or family have been helping out on the front lines please contact us and we will see what we can do to accommodate you and your immediate family for free.

Keep strong and well.

Wildhomestay Team

Some of the freshest and natural green tea you can get!
Local spring festivals are fun to watch and be part of.
Come ride a bike with your family or take some weekend hikes.
Fresh local bamboo shoots and many spring vegetables.
Seasonal flowers and fun
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The Wild Runs. Info on our 2020 run series. Being updated!!! Race Challange series for 2020. Click here for sign up! On the 30th November and 1st of December we will be hosting a run weekend to test some of the courses we have planned for the 2020 YEPAO Race Series. We are spending time cutting back and marking trails so we can provide a safe but very challanging course. Our aim for this weekend is to get feedback and discuss next years races. We are suggusting only experienced runners attend the test weekend and please email if your interested. 

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RNCC November Weekend

Great to be hosting RideNow Cycling Club at the homestay on 22nd to 24th November. RNCC provides all the bells and whistles including chilled transport, fun ride leaders, bike maintenance, vehicles to jump into if too tired, munchies etc. If your a new rider or just want to build your mountain riding skills then this is a great opportunity to experience the area through cycling.

More Info

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Winter Wilderness!!!

Winter season starts in the middle of November. Open for groups during the week and everyone else during the weekends. We winterize some of the houses and close others, special winter food, drinks and activities. Christmas and Western New Year Packages. Closed for Chinese New Year except for a few “self service” houses so we can all get a needed family brake.  More details at

Updated with winter routes and recommendations!

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National Day Holidays

Dear Guests,

A quick note to let you know Wildhomestay is trying to organize a few additions for the National Holidays.

Please read the following carefully.

  1. Please Checkin online before your arrival through this link. Everyone staying with us must fill out this form and sign the disclaimer. On arrival please get yourself to the cafe where we will check you in and show you to your room.
  2. Please book all meals 24h before you need them, if possible, before your arrival. This is very helpful for us. We are arranging some special meals focused around Autumn harvest activities. We have an enlarged all day dinning menu so you wont starve even if you don’t pre-book but we suggest you pre-book all breakfasts and dinners.
  3. Please pre-register for Holiday Activities. We are trying to develop some more engaging hiking, riding and outdoor eating experiences. Bookings will be confirmed on your arrival.

Also note the evenings are starting to get a little cool so bring something warm to wear at night. Also bring light trousers and long sleave shirts for hiking as some of the paths are overgrown. Days are still warm so bring sun cream and a water bottle. Please email with any questions or wechat wildhomestay

We look forward to your stay.

Kind Regards,

Wildhomestay Team


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Hickory Crazy

漫山遍野的山核桃已经到了收获的季节。93日至15日将是当地村民收获丰收的日子。来野趣乡居体验打山核桃和村民共享丰收的喜悦! Wildhomestay and whole area going Hickory Picking nuts from the 3rd to 15th September. Come and experience a adventurous time picking hickory, climbing trees, learning how to shell and process them, cooking them and having a wild time 🙂