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2023 DC Sauna Slate Recap

Not too hot but lots of water, sweat and hills. I personally think this is the most stunning route but that’s up for debate. 135km of riding with a 1km freshly cut walk down to the river linked various routes we had been doing for a few years. We had our first fixed gear challengers and hopefully next time a ebiker? Very much look forward to expanding on this area and the next Dirty on the 28th of October.

Mens Awards

#1 Scott
#2 Shawn
#3 Eugene


#1 Joelle
#2 Ingrid
#3 Clair

Masters and best photo to Paul

Best shoe Fail to Dirk

Crazy fixed gear ride to  Pengchaowei 

Most spectacular crash to Rudong

Best I don’t know how to ride to Blair

Most lost but not to Schalk

Best Gravel passion to 张雨青


Many Thanks to our Sponsors for their award prizes:

Many thanks to Paul, Shawn and the rest of the participants for their great pictures!

Many thanks to Shawn for another video giving a great overview of the day!

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2023 DC SS Recap

Something Sharp – The Clean Epic. Probably our most challenging Clean to date. 185km of hills, 7 timed segments, lots of team work, a sprinkling of dirty (but ridable on the day), and full sun led to probably everyone’s hardest day on the bike this year. I’ve been meaning to do this route for some time and have been riding different parts of it for years. The dirty sections in our area are slowly getting lost to concrete and the concrete sections slowly getting tarmac’d and enlarged. A never-ending development of roads! Its progress in most respects and the area remains mostly traffic free with stunning mountain views. The route took the participants between 8 and 12 hours and about 30% of the participants did not manage to complete the long route but still managed cycling PB’s in time and effort! Respect to everyone.

The next Clean will be on the 18th of November. It will be a more traditional format on wider tarmac roads more similar to a traditional road racing course. Many thanks for Specialized for the winner prizes, to Nio for providing a recon and support car and to all our other partners who help make these events possible.

0902 Clean Result

Segment Winners:

  • S1 Richard Welch, JC Yang
  • S2  Richard Welch, JC Yang
  • S3  Richard Welch, JC Yang
  • S4  Richard Welch, JC Yang
  • S5  Richard Welch, Echo Gong
  • S6 Richard Welch, Echo Gong
  • S7 Richard Welch, Echo Gong

Male Overall:

  • Richard Welch
  • Ian Wang
  • Richard Brooks

Female Overall:

  • Echo Gong
  • JC Yang
  • Carla

Masters Overall:

  • WeimarG
  • ErichH
  • Paul

Special awards:

  • Saved By A Tree: AndreH & Sasha and
  • The Longest Day to DavidR

Participant’s Media

Many thanks for this!!!

Shawns Video Recap
Many thanks to Shawn for making a video diary of the event like this….. Gives a great overview what the day was like.

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Summer Rides & Sunrise Breakfasts

Escape the boiling city heat! Nights are a bit cooler our way so morning rides are not too painful. Unfortunately Mid-day summer riding in full sun is really not pleasant so save those extra long rides for Autumn!

Start early and aim to get back to cool off in a pool or river before 1130! Long Naps, late afternoon hikes, chilling on rooftops with a drink and catching up on some work if needed is what it’s all about. Fun summer chill adventures…

Summer Sunrise Breakfast

we understand you might miss your breakfast if you’re out for an early ride or adventure but want you to be well powered. Chat with the cafe team and they will give you a key to the cafe and we will leave you a simple high-energy self-service breakfast of cereals, breads, eggs, bananas and coffee to power your morning ride.

Suggested Summer Ride: Rainbow Gorge

The rainbow road!

The Gorge

We suggest shorter routes in summer so your back early. Checkout the 70km Rainbow Gorge route. Not too hard and stunning scenery. We have lots of other cycling routes in the area so also check those out.

XiaoXu Adventure

Another nice shorter option is to cycle east and then north to Xiaoxu village and up and beyond. Get a gravel or MTB bike and chill out in the river.